I married out of necessity but my true love is a woman

I grew up in a very strict household in a very conservative country. I went to an all girls religious school and we weren't allowed to be with boys without an adult present. I graduated from high school with no experience and went to college abroad. I was a good student but I was homesick from the beginning. At school I met this girl and she became my friend. She was very interested in how I grew up, totally opposite to her. Her parents were very liberal and they encouraged s** from the time she went to high school. She told me of sitting in the back of the car, and I told her of having dinner at my grandmother's house.

Then while we were sitting outside in early fall she told me that she had never really sat in the back of the car. She whispered in my ear, she didn't like boys, not ever. She always only had a crush on girls, and that she had a crush on me. She told me she had only kissed once with a girl in her Latin class, Victoria. And went on to explain what happened. Victoria kissed her b****** and her nipples before kissing her on the mouth. And now she told me she wanted to kiss my b****** and nipples before kissing me on the mouth.

We went to her dorm room and she took off her top and let me see her b****** and nipples and took my head in her hands and put my face in her b******. And then a nipple against my lips. I cupped her breast in my hand and sucked on her nipple and she cradled my head in her arms. Then she bent her head down and kissed me on the lips. A long gentle kiss on the lips.

After making love, and sharing time kissing down there, she confessed that she and Victoria made love and they kissed down there. It was equivalent to having a boy have s** with you, that's how girls lost their virginities. Well it that was true I was no longer a virgin, and neither was my mouth or tongue. We spent our time together during college. My family continuously looked for a proper young man for me to marry, and I refused to go back home. Out of college the only way to stay in the country was to get married and a friend of ours offered to help me. I got married two weeks before my visa expired.

Marriage is a funny thing. I had to 'let' him consummate the marriage. He wasn't interested in a make believe situation. Consummation led to conception and we are married today with two teenagers. My friend and I, we have remained friends, she never married and she is the 'aunt' in the relationship. After all the years my husband understands that she is not an 'option', she is the one. When I kiss with her, it is not playing. We are careful, because of the misunderstandings that can be created, but we make love as often as we can. I still cup her b****** and kiss her nipples and she cups my b****** and kisses my nipples. And then we kiss like only two women can. You see, no way you can do that with a man.

May 10

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  • I completely understand. My lady lover is my next door neighbor we met in a mothers group about 20 years ago.

    15 years ago on my 10th anniversary my hubby and I had a 3-way with Andrea and we have enjoyed each other ever since.

    Jim loves watching Andrea and I together and her fire red bush drives us both insane. She is quite petite and Jim is 6 foot 2 with a huge 8 inch c***.

    I love watching him pound her and then licking up all the c** he deposits.

    Find a way to bring your two lovers together. You will not be disappointed.

    Trust me!

  • So excited to read. I'm married but when my kids were little I met this other mom at the kids play group. I love my husband. I know kids do best with two parents so I keep my husband happy with s**. I meet my girl friend often at her place. It's actually a kinky bdsm relationship where I am the sub. She spanks me and forces me to do stuff that I'd never let my husband do. It's so hot hot hot.

  • Add your hubby to the relationship

    It will make for incredible s** and then you can still enjoy your girl and your hubby separately when you wish

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