Wife wants an open marriage

My wife and I have been married for 6 years. S** is good when we have it. I would be up for more frequency but lately (the past couple years) it's been hard due to work and me going back to school and just life in general. She works about 50 hours a week as a cpa. I work about 60 as an executive chef. When we get home we are often just worn out.

So a couple weeks ago we are just chilling in the living room. She says, "Honey, I wanna run an idea by you." I'm on my phone and half listening. I say, "Ok." She said, "I don't want you to get mad. It's just an idea." I said, "I can't even know if I'll be mad or not cause I don't know what you wanna talk about." She said, "If you are pissy then we don't need to talk about it right now." I said, "Not pissy. Just saying I can't say i won't be mad until I know." She said, "Ok. Here goes. What do you think about starting an open marriage?" I said, "We are pretty open. You know you can tell me anything."

She said, "That's not what I mean. I want to be able to have s** with other people. Safe s** of course. You would be to." I said, "You've been thinking about cheating on me?" She said, "I know you see hot women and wonder what they look like naked or wonder what it would be like to have s** with them. I get hit on all the time. When I go to the gym. When I'm at work. When I'm out shopping. Friends. Strangers. I've only had s** with one other guy but you my whole life and I've wondered what it would be like." I said, "Well I can tell you have thought about this. I've kinda thought about it to but never wanted to say anything because i thought it would start a fight. So any guys you have in mind?" She said, "Yeah. One of the guys at work. Not just guys tho." I said, "Girls too? I've asked you before if you ever thought about having s** with another woman and you said no." She said, "A recent development from the past few months. I think it could be hot to have s** with another woman." I said, "Well, what if I told you I wanted to have s** with another man?" She said, "Well do you?" I said, "I've had the opportunity." She said, "With whom?" I said, "The neighbor." She said, "Steve? He's married." I said, "Nah. The other one. He doesn't get out and do stuff in his yard much." She said, "When did this happen?" I said, "Couple weeks ago. He saw me out in the yard and asked if I knew anything about computers. I went to look at his setup and after I fixed it he said that if I ever wanted to come over and play he would love to have me over. I didn't respond with more than an ok tho." She said, "I think we should give it a test run then. The open marriage thing. It's not for every couple. If we get jealous or don't like the idea we can always stop."

Three days later she said she would be late coming home from work. She usually gets home around 5. She didn't come home till 8:30. While she was still gone I texted the neighbor and went over for some fun. When she did I asked what kept her so late. She said, "I went over to mike's house after work." I said, "Oh yeah. Work related?" She said, "Nope. We had s**. Was pretty good. You do anything while I was out?" I said, "Nah. Just watched tv." Didn't want to tell her my first fling outside the marriage was with the neighbor.

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