Just because you are with another girl doesn't make you a lesbian

I finally got a college acceptance. I applied to over 50 colleges and Universities, I have a 3.89 gpa, I play soccer, I am President of the All Girls Club. We support providing tutoring for students who are falling behind. Some people have accused us as being a lesbian club. I think that's why all my applications were rejected. For the record I am a girl who finds girls interesting, intelligent, affectionate. I may have participated in cuddle parties. But I've never said I'm a lesbian.

My father hired an advisor and his advice was not to include pictures, too pretty, too white. Rent an apartment in a less affluent part of town. Delete any Fb posts about supporting all girl dating and partying. And get rid of my Prom pictures, dancing with my 'best friend' Amanda. Too lesbian. White, rich, smart lesbians are not wanted. Black poor lesbians with bad grades are wanted. I never said I'm a lesbian. I just don't date guys.

I am going to start at a small State College in a small town and apply for a better school after my first year. And yes Amanda is coming with me, we have never been apart and we are not going to start now. Girls have to stick together. We took our vows, no guy will ever come between us, no guy will ever touch us, we will get married after graduation, we will leave home hand in hand, she will be my wife and I will be hers. We are not lesbians. We don't want to have anything to do with that word.

Apr 22

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  • True lesbians perform c**********, finger each other and kiss, fondle and suck each others b******. The women kiss on the lips and sometimes weild dildoes both vaginally and anally.

  • Sadly, we live in a society where some people love to judge without facts.
    he fact that you girls provide tutoring support for students who are falling behind, is commendable.
    If you don't hurt anyone, you have every reason to be happy with your life.
    Your sexual orientation does not define who you are.
    Do good in this world and if people want to judge you, it is their issue ~ not yours!
    All the best with your future endeavours.

  • You are right. It doesn't make you gay or a lesbian. I am a near 30 year old male. At about 13 my weekend sleepovers with my 2 best friends turned sexual. I found out I really liked being bottom. So from 13 to say 16 my 2 best friends took turns f****** me every weekend and we all enjoyed it. At 16 we all got our drivers license and started dating. GIRLS! We are all straight and have families. It was just fun...

  • That makes you an AC adapter. You wrote you liked being bottom at 13. You will still have a niggling inclination for this sexual fetish, despite being straight and having families.

  • One day, I encountered a beautifully-enacted horror scene. It was a flash mob of thousands, striking themselves with blades and chains, chanting in unison in an awfully guttural language. Within 15 minutes, the whole Main Rd. was a sea of red. "Muslims," I heard, "those f****** tossers."

    My interest was piqued. Could this be a new Ali Baba-themed parade for our humble little town? And as I was observing the orgy of violence before me - quite homoerotic I may add - I wondered if our local "Temple of Satan" was behind all this. How delightful!

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