Wife sleeping

Many years ago my wife and I had friends stay with us on a Saturday night we listened to music and drank alcohol until my drunk wife took herself to bed. I suggested that the couple and I went for a walk to watch the sunrise. My mate said he was too pi**ed so I said you go up and cuddle in to my wife as a joke and me and your missus will go for the walk then.
His wife and I left and my mate took off upstairs As we were walking his wife grabbed me. All of a sudden I was snogging and fingering his wife and desperate to f**k her. We were in a back street and I had her jeans down while I massaged her hairy f****. It was really cold so after about 30 minutes we turned back. When we. Got home my wife was sitting in the living room in her dressing gown. I said we that were going to watch the sunrise but it was cold then we all went off to bed. Nothing was said of what happened. Over the next couple of weeks my mate started to make comments about my wife’s body and ti*s and I tried to ignore them. My wife never mentioned anything of what happen3d that night. It was only a couple of years ago during s*x that I asked her if anything happened that night as I was curious and she admitted that my mate had got in bed beside her in a spoon position. She felt him feeling her and a hard c**k in her ar*e crack but assumed it was me p****d. Then he pushed himself inside her and she realised it wasn’t me. He was twice my size and although she knew it was wrong she backed on to him and he fu**ed until him came in her. She had 2 o****** and said that the s*ag was amazing
She often remembers that night when we f* ck now and teases me about his big c***.

Apr 24

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