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I caught my boy friend looking at naked pictures of me with his friend. I later asked him why he did it. He told me he wanted to j*** off watching him sucking me. I dumped him and now every boy in the neighborhood has them in their in the phones. I can't do a damn thing about, because if I file a complaint the whole world see them and end up being branded a s***.

Apr 24

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  • F*** ELON MUSK

  • He's sucking you?

  • The first comment about growing old and enjoying the pics is true. In a few years nobody will remember. Hold your head high…. he’s an a******.

  • You broke up with him too early. You should have acted like you were cool with hat and then taken a bad photo(s) of him naked. Then blackmail back.

  • If anyone mentions it to you, just say, yes I've sucked a c***, I take it you have done the same, or are you another little virgin.

  • Far worse to be a s** offender than a s***. Report the scumbag; he'll suffer far more than you.

  • You have two (2) choices:

    OPTION 1 - File a complaint NOW.
    Unfortunately, everybody already has the pictures. Technology allows easy forwarding, so once you sent it, its in the public domain. If you wait 5 years and do a "me too", then nobody will believe you and think you are making it up to hurt him which is a poor reflection on you.
    (I am an old white male and I often question these complaints made years later unless there is a really good reason for not reporting it)
    Keep in mind that if you do file a complaint, you might ruin his life. On the other hand, it might keep other idiots from doing the same thing to another girl.

    OPTION 2 - Move on with your life and consider it a lesson learned that people (guys and girls) suck big time. The real fact is that you are NOT a S.lut and people really don't care that much unless you show them it bothers you, because they like the drama. The next guy you are with probably won't care (if he's a decent guy that loves you).

    Regardless of which you choose, I would suggest not seeking revenge. That will just backfire, IMHO.

  • S***

  • Sadly that’s what happens. Then later on the revenge p*** crap may occur if you pi*s one off. Do you have any of him? If so could spread that around. Knowing lots of women, they can be pretty resourceful in what could do. I would ask around as it’s happened to tons.

  • What a careless f*** he is!

  • It's ok. When you get older, like me, you may miss your youthful body so much that your thankful that there are naughty photos of you in the cloud proving you were not always old and out of shape.

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