Forbidden Attraction

I am attracted to her in every way. She is kind, sweet, beautiful. Her little quirks, the way her hair is straight or done up, whether she wears glasses or not, her long legs, her scent (intoxicating)

I don't know if she knows. I see her everyday and i can't help but think about her. If only there was some way i could tell her, or for her to let me know if she knows. I fantasize that i would just go in the middle of the night in her room and give her pleasure if she asks for it. It will have to be a secret. A secret forbidden attraction.

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Brit girl Graduates from a mediocre university in the stae of Geo

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  • Unrequited love hurts so much

  • It does for sure

  • You will get over it! ~ Trust me.

  • What makes you say so?

  • You can not survive being a martyr of love. They are in your hearts forever.

  • Wow i mean i guess. Has it happened to you before?

  • I was attracted to someone on a very profound level. It took me 14 years to get over them. They will remain in my heart forever.

  • Just keep it to yourself, mate! Leave her alone!

  • Have you been in the same situation?

  • It hurt profoundly for a very long time. I thought I would die without them. It took me a very long time to get over them. You have to try to move on without them. Life is a blessing in itself.

  • Who was it and how did you get over them?

  • Please stop asking intimate questions. It is water under the bridge. I will not go there because it hurts too much!

  • Of course, you're right

  • Who is she?

    Why is it forbidden?

  • She is my sister in law

  • That’s not a problem. I have been ** my sister’s husband since before they got married.

    I am in my mid 50’s. I was married with two kids when my sister got engaged. Her BF was sooo cute. I couldn’t help but flirt. When he flirted back one weekend that they came to visit and one thing led to another. My sister was passed out drunk and well, that’s how I conceived number 3.

    I was the prego brides maid

    It’s been almost 27 years and I still “enjoy” time with my BIL 4-5 times a year and my sister and my husband doesn’t have a clue. :)

  • Do you think this is right? Hurting everyone in the process seems cruel to me.

  • No one needs to know.

    It’s been 27 years that I’ve been enjoying the same ** my sister rides almost nightly.

    I look forward to our randevues

  • I am not the comment poster, but i think it is more ** than anything.

  • Yes it is **

    I love my husband. But I long to ride my sisters hubby

  • Do you think hubby or your sister would approve if he/she found out?

  • My husband has erectile disfunction he is almost 70. He would be fine with it knowing I’m getting what I need without sleeping around.

    My sister would be upset at first, but she knows Jim is a very attractive man and has a huge ** with an amazing ** drive to match. She had complained to me since they were dating that he was insatiable. I laughed and said no man is insatiable. He will find a way to get satisfaction.

    In the end she will be happy Jim is happy keeping it in the family.

    However, they both would not be happy knowing my youngest two children are probably Jim’s.

  • I am so sorry to acknowledge your husband has erectile dysfunction.
    Would he really be fine with knowing you are getting what you need without sleeping around?
    A man who sleeps around with other women, does not seem like a man of noble moral conscience.
    What kind of a sister complains about her husband being insatiable?
    You will sadly keep this secret until you go to your grave.
    It makes me want to cry knowing that Jim/your sister and husband do not know that your two youngest children are probably Jim's.
    I feel sorry for you and everyone concerned.

  • I am reading your comments and wondering what fairytale you are living in. If you judge morality by a man's sexual adventures, then few of us could claim to be moral. Yet I consider myself a moral man. I am 72 years old and know what it is like to suffer from erectile dysfunction. In fact, if I cannot reverse it, it is likely to ruin my future life.
    Telling people about something that has happened is not always the best way forward. I confessed an indiscretion to my wife and lost her. She not only threw it back in my face when she started having an affair, but told my son. I should never have opened my mouth. Just be discreet, I would advise.
    We have a lot of sexual hangups, but it is really just a part of life like a business transaction or even less important, like making a telephone call, unless you want to start sticking notices on your partner saying, "Mine: keep off!" My advice is to keep him happy, that usually keeps the competition away.
    The children part of it, I think you are going to be in trouble there: every child has a right to know who his or her real parents are at some point in their lives. And just for the record, if my girlfriend wanted to have s** with someone else, as long as she was open about it and promised not to let it interfere with our relationship, and he was clean, I would not stop her. ** should not break up marriages or even good relationships. Put it in its place. Even good ** will never replace genuine love.

  • No need to feel sorry for me. I am happy and satisfied in every way.

    My hubby is fine. And by the way, I don’t “sleep around”. The only two ** partners I ever had was my husband and Jim.

    My sister, well she was a title ** when she was young. Jim was a virgin when they met and Jim’s only partners are my sister and me.

  • I don't know about this arranged rendezvous.
    It is a secret you will keep till you go to your grave.
    You imply the people involved would be fine if they found out about it.
    It makes me want to cry.

  • Cry? You should have tears of joy. I’m getting the f uck ing I need and Jim is getting the attention he needs and my sister’s kitten gets some rest


    And Jim keeps his huge ** in the family

  • You make me want to cry................!

  • Why do I make you want to cry?

    If you are crying, they should be tears of joy

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