Annoying Internet People

Ok, so I love youtubers like Colleen Ballinger and iJustine(and several more, these are just examples, I even kinda like Addison Rae lol)- beautiful, nice, interesting, talented. But EW, can the lame ones who are full of themselves delete their accounts please? BrookeAB is eternally thirsty for beauty and attention she'll never get. She uses ridiculous amounts of photoshop on her pictures, WE CAN ALL TELL, it's so embarrassing. Ugh and Imane Anys who is not attractive and acts like a 5 year old. Ew, go all the way away! Brooke and Imane WISH people would be envious of them. Nah, sorry, neither of you are impressive. More iJustines, less Imanes and nobodies.

Why am I posting this as a confession like it's something important? I dunno, it's just something that kinda bothered me. Youtube culture.

Apr 26

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