One day I was kinda mad, and stressed & kinda conflicted. So i was told to do the dishes. i said i didn't want to, but my ( somewhat drunk) mom said i had to and started to scream. I storm off to my room ( and the door is cracked) and this is what i hear... "Ugh! She is the WORST daughter EVER!I mean, don't get me wrong, I love her, but I want to kill her." So I start to cry and my Mom Comes in to talk to me and asked why i was crying ( Little did she know she's the reason why...) . so now i don't know what to do and im scared to talk to her cause im afraid she really will kill me. PLEASE HELP!

Dec 23, 2012

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  • Tell you heard her. I bet she is really nice to you for a while. She was upset and said stupid things.

  • She wasn't the only one who was "upset and said stupid things". Who had to throw a big dramatic tizzy over omg omg omg DOING THE DISHES? Hint: Not Mom.

  • Dont worry, its just a saying she loves you and would never do such thing! Trust me i'm always driving my parents crazy! Just talk to her and tell her how you feel :) hope it helps!

  • Um do the dishes you idiot? Problem solved.

  • Lol...perfect solution!

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