Always & Forever,

I've been crushing on my ex for the longest time, 2ish years? And nobody else. We're always on and off, but this time, it might be clear that we aren't meant to be, I understand, I was the one that broke it off... but I really care about him and this feeling won't go away. I wanna be in a relationship with him, but I know it won't work. Can we be in a kind-of relationship? I want it. Like,we don't talk so much so we miss each other, but we flirt at times and kiss and stuff, but nothing too serious. Friends with benefits, but we both care for each other, which is practially a relationship... I'm so confused. He was practially the only guy I ever liked too, I don't fall hard, AT ALL, so it must be hard for me. Everyone thinks I'm over him because it's been a couple months, but the thing is, I don't think I'll EVER be over him

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  • ...with such a gift...

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