Crushes are messy.

I've been in a relationship for 3 years. In the first year it was great but after that, it's gone down hill for me anyways. My boyfriend gives 100% and I feel like I'm giving maybe 20%. I'm looking to live my life and not settle down. There is this guy I work with who has really caught my attention. We share the same passions for things and it's easy to make each other smile. He's funny, out going, and hes very caring. He's looking for a relationship but a laid back one. We seem to flirt all the time but at the end of the day, nothing ever comes from it. I want to make sure he has feelings for me before I do anything to break the relationship I'm in. Should I just come out with it or wait for something to happen while being miserable waiting.

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  • You want new c*** tell bf good bye

  • Statistics say guys don't want to break up with women because they are afraid of looking like the bad guy for hurting them.

    Statistics say women don't want to break up with men unless they have a for sure thing lined up with somebody else.

    (you wouldn't go to a shoe store barefoot, would you?)

    It is pretty sad to think people treat people that way. Take them for a ride until they are ready to dump them for a "sure thing". If you are with somebody for 3 years, and are miserable, why be with him? break up with him immediately and let him find the RIGHT woman, instead of toying with him


  • B****, stop taking your boyfriend for a ride. Why are you looking for us to condone your behaviour? Tell your boyfriend you want to see other people and break it off with him. Then go for the colleague. 5 Years from now when he's happily married with his 1st baby on the way, providing a stable home, you'll be wishing you hung onto him.

  • Maybe it's not the relationship, maybe it's just you. No one can make you happy, only you can do that. Any relationship is work. But if it's really not working and you're not going to put the effort in to fix things, then break up with the guy first..and then find someone new. Don't line something up beforehand in the hopes that you'll just jump from relationship to relationship. You won't always find happiness in someone else unless you're happy with yourself. Not to mention, what if this office romance does turn into something and then sours, or you get bored..are you going to get a new job too?

  • You will never be happy. Grass will always look greener. You need to grow up and quit acting like an ignorant child.

  • if thats how you feel you need to break it off with your boyfriend and dont continue to lead him on.

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