Great morning

My husband and I have a good marriage, Nice home, Good vehicles, He has a good job, I am a stay at home mom and thanks to his career I can afford to stay home, We have 4 wonderful kids but boy o boy do they keep us busy which leads to our only real issue.
Same as most of my friends with kids, by the end of the night either one or both of us has little to no interest in s**, Usually me and I end up feeling guilty after a week or sometimes two because I know my husband has a higher s** drive than me.
Usually s** is a chore we just do because we should and for a long time it has not been mind blowing, Spine tingling s**, Just a chore but the other morning I got the kids ready for school, Sent them off and I was actually thinking about whether I should clean the kitchen or have a little "Me time" as I was feeling kind of h****.
I whipped off my pyjamas, Put on my house coat and closed the blinds, I had put on my normal "Go to" video and just then I heard the garage door open, My husband and I are the only ones who have access to the garage so I knew it was him and by the time he walked into the house I was standing at the top of the stairs, I greeted him and asked why he was home, my husband works outdoors and explained that they had shut down for the day due to weather.
I dropped my housecoat and he dropped his jaw, We had a wonderful morning then spent the rest of the day just hanging out and had another one before the kids got home, It was really nice to reconnect in that way.

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  • Good for you! this is a good story.

  • You should state your age girl. There are many others who also find this site as a good place to express their dreams....

  • Great to do that from time to time

  • Nice!

  • Good for you both :)

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