Women is skirt and hosiery - still

Even after decades, I still love to look at women in skirts and pantyhose. Idk, fell in love with images of women in pantyhose from the JC Penny catalog when I was a kid, and it still is all I need to get me going. My wife doesn’t seem to think it’s worth it to dress like that for me frequently, I asked…many times…ends in fights. …and probably why I look so so so much.

May 3

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  • I agree that the skirt and pantyhose combination, together with high heels, are devastating tools in the female arsenal. When paired with an attractive figure and feminine mannerisms, men will inevitably be enthralled. Degradation of dress standards in public and work from home employment has sent male admirers to their classic film collections for examples of classy, beautiful creatures who know exactly the definition of “woman”

  • 1. Blonde women don't exist unless they're paired with black men.

    2. Black men are either victims or heroes. Otherwise, you're a fascist.

    3. All women are either black, brown or yellow.

    4. White men don't exist unless they're gay or "fascist," which means evil.

    5. There is no family. There's only whores and gay men. Unless they're black, the only race allowed to be heterosexual.

    6. Transgenders get first mention. Gays and lesbians second. Queers third. Heterosexuals and cisgendered individuals are the embodient of evil, so they get no mention at all.

    7. No one can mention anything to do with families. And only LGBTQ individuals are allowed to oppose the sodomite agenda.

    8. Black activism is promoted by the media 24/7. Stop Asian Hate gets frequent mention. Reports of antisemitism are filling up social media. But God forbid someone asks, "Where did whites go?"

    9. The story of Emmett Till was distorted beyond reality. There was a retrial and subsequent life sentences. But the story of Christian Channon & Christopher Newsom is unknown to 99% of the world.

    10. Nonwhite hatred of whites (hidden or constant) is called grievance. White hatred of anyone not white (which is very rare) is called racism. Why?

    This is the US media. A predatory institution run by yunohoo and hateful scum, to erase the idea that whites are a people like blacks, Hispanics or Asians, and that whites exist.

  • In my whole life, I've never seen such hatred as the Jewish hatred for the white race. Jews will employ every possible tactic to undermine and deteriorate the daily life and mental health of the average Joe.

    One individual, Ron Unz, is the stuff of nightmares. And he looks like the cretin that he is. He will stop at nothing to portray whites as weak, cowardly, spiteful, angry or venomous. Needless to say, he's Jewish.

    Nonwhite wenches come in all different races and colours, but this unites them: they look with burning envy and rage at blonde white women.

    It shows who the real colorists are, and how they personally feel inferior to someone they never met, but they will take their rage out on her. Envy, plain and simple.

    A white w**** has some level of dignity, at least. But BIPOC jungleholes have none at all, and will spit venom at any white woman they see. And they have their homosexual and transgender boyfriends to thank for that.

    On the internet, you'll find black girls, brown girls, yellow girls, any color but white. For that, you'd have to go to Fed-controlled "white nationalist" platforms, where the comments are very negative and discouraging.

    Every image involves a white woman in the middle of a wheat field, looking vulnerable and lost. And of course, the white man is missing from the picture.

    I don't even need to tell you who's behind this weird softcore p**********. Again they want to pair blondes with black Africans.

    It's a ploy. They want you to disappear. They want obedient slaves to dote on them 24/7. The white man actually opposed him. (As did Islam.) Who else?

  • It's weird-looking nonwhites who openly grovel to, yet secretly wish to destroy whites - who are allowed to speak for whites. Try as a cisgendered white heterosexual male to speak for whites.

    You'll alert obviously Jewish Judas goats at "white nationalist" platforms, who'll inform their friends at the JDL that they have an "antisemite racist homophobe"on their honeypot website.

    The internet is NOT the real world!

  • As your partner she should be mor accepting if not more open to trying these things with you especially if it’s that deeply rooted. Ofc she’s not obligated, but if she could see how much it meant to you and where it comes from id hope she’d change her mind. At least try.

  • Try talking abt it before you want it. Seems reasonable.

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