Need to change something.

Last night I caught my 16 year old step son whacking off while spying on my 44 year old sister in the shower downstairs which has a sliding pocket door, I should have said something or straightup busted him but I was so shocked and surprised I didn't know what to do and walked away, I later told my husband and he just sat there nodding his head and I said "Uuuhhh, What do you intend to do about that?", He said "Well, First off...Put a lock on that door".
I asked if he was going to talk to his son and he said "No", I was a bit shocked by that and he claimed it was normal, I asked if he ever did that and he scoffed, I asked to who and he said "Uhhh...My cousin Erin, My aunt Elle, My mom's friend Michelle and most of both my sisters friends", I was like WTF but he says it's a normal part of growing up as a boy and then made a comment about my sister and I was like "Whoa....Hold up here, What's that mean?" and he laughed saying "Oh come on", I got a bit....Testy and said "Why...Because she has big t***?" He laughed and said "Well...If you must know...Big t***, Great ass, Nice legs, Pretty face....Why would't he spy on her?".
I was like "Ok...Lets go to bed and not discuss this anymore because I am about to punch you in the face", He laughed and said I will put a lock on the door tomorrow.

May 20

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  • Your husband was right. This spying behavior is typical at this age - not only for boys, but sometimes for girls, too. Tell this story to you sister. If this is uncomfortable for her, she will be more careful. But maybe she will be a bit joshing, and will let your step son whacking off while watching her. You can make not rude but playful jokes on your step son.

  • Close supervision and make sure he learns self control.

  • It is perfectly normal.

    Don’t put a lock on the door. Let the boy be a boy. Shoot I bet your sister doesn’t mind either.

  • Perfectly normal behaviour .
    When I was fourteen I`d spy on my 47 year old mum undressing and on the toilet and w*** . I`d borrow her dirty knickers too to sniff and collect her pubic hairs.

  • U/Billy_T_Wierd moment lol

  • Please use this to find God in your life

  • A 14 year old boy will j*** of to a tree with a hole in it. I wouldn't worry. If we ever made a list of the things that teenage boys will j*** off to, we'd kill every tree and grow old or starve before we were done. Just don't ever spy on a 14 year old boy, my advice.

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