50 Married BI Crossdresser

I have worn panties for many years (since I was 11) over the last 35 years I began to wear panties and stockings under my male work clothes and when the wife is gone or I am away I dress fully fem. I have shaved legs and underarms as well as my panty area. I love being freshly shaved and wearing a sexy bra and panty set with new thigh high stockings. The issue is that my wife has no clue that I do this or that I love sucking c*** or receiving a***. My very small limp c*** and ED has lead me more and more to bottoming for men which I now like much better then s** with a woman. My wife has lost interest in s** a while back and as of now we have not had s** in 3 years. I want to tell her about my love of girls clothing, that I wear panties, stockings and bras to work and that I want her to feminize me fully and allow me to dress as a female at home and to service men or to find a dom / top lover for s** how would any of you folks tell your partner? ps. if she wanted a male lover for herself since I don't satisfy her that would be good too and I would love that.

26 days

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  • You will never be a woman. Just a deranged, insane man in drag that needs Jesus and to be admitted in an asylum. Born a male, die a male. You people can never change or love yourselves.

  • I don't even have any whiskers yet and wondering what I'll do when I get older and kinda hairy like? I started wearing girls clothes, mostly panties at first after an older boy started having s** with me. Now it's like I'm more girl than boy?

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