He can't get over it

I was raped in front of my husband. But that is not my confession. I tried submitting this recently but it was rejected by the site, so I will go light go light on the details.
My husband was tied on the floor and forced to watch as two black men bent me over and raped me. Up until then I had only been with two men in my life. My husband and a prior boyfriend. And I will describe both of them as "small" below the belt.
The two men that raped me were very large. Very! My embarrassment and confession come from something I did not expect. During the rape I had more than one very strong o******.
My husband clearly saw that I got off. I didn't mean to and I was mortified.
He has not been able to get over it. He constantly reminds me and accuses me of "enjoying it".

22 days

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  • Fake and gay

  • You definitely set that up h o e

  • Are you turned on by black men now?

  • I would suggest counseling for both of you. He feels weak because he feels that he let it happen and wasn't strong enough to stop it. You may be wondering why he didn't stop it, even though you know that he couldn't. Though o****** are common in these situations, it doesn't mean that you enjoyed it. Maybe you have some guilt in that you think you may have just because you got off. Don't feel guilty. Maybe your husband thinks that he doesn't measure up (no pun intended) due to his size and his lack of physical prowess to stop the event. You need to process what happened to you and I'm sorry that it did.

  • Do you have a thing for black men now?

  • No, I have been faithful to my husband.

  • Physical reactions to sexual stimulation are perfectly natural whether you are forced or not. I am a male. In my case I spent nearly 6 months in jail. I can't call it "forced" rape, but instead I complied and had s** with men in order to avoid physical injury. I remember being very surprised the first time I was f*****. I was on my hands and knees as he did me in a doggy position. Even though it hurt and he was not very gentle, I got a raging h******. I stayed rock hard through the entire experience. Eventually I got used to taking it in the ass and started masturbating in order to get more pleasure.

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