Was it real or play?

Over a year ago my husband had one of his friends break in and "Rape" me after I told him my fantasy was to be raped, I am pretty sure I know who it was and I am all good with it but...I spent a weekend at the lake by myself last weekend and...I went out to the garage to take out the garbage and was confronted. I was told to go back in the house and was raped.
It was someone totally different, At first I was startled and then I started to think maybe my husband set it up, I had told him once was good but maybe...Just maybe. But now I don't know, I got REALLY into it but he was rougher than I would have expected, He didn't hit but he was not at all nice and in the end came on my face which I told my husband was a definite NO. I am so confused and my husband is not giving me any indications as to whether or not he was involved.

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  • Wow! I never thought of such a fantasy before but it kinda made me wet.

    Did you enjoy it?

  • Can I rape you as well

  • Sounds odd but fascinating at the same time. Hopefully it was play.

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