Was it real or play?

Over a year ago my husband had one of his friends break in and "Rape" me after I told him my fantasy was to be raped, I am pretty sure I know who it was and I am all good with it but...I spent a weekend at the lake by myself last weekend and...I went out to the garage to take out the garbage and was confronted. I was told to go back in the house and was raped.
It was someone totally different, At first I was startled and then I started to think maybe my husband set it up, I had told him once was good but maybe...Just maybe. But now I don't know, I got REALLY into it but he was rougher than I would have expected, He didn't hit but he was not at all nice and in the end came on my face which I told my husband was a definite NO. I am so confused and my husband is not giving me any indications as to whether or not he was involved.

Oct 3, 2020

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  • My first was a huge proponent of rape. She'd nearly NEVER say yes. To prove myself a man in her eyes, I had to learn her cues to know when no meant NO and when no really meant SHUT UP AND TAKE HER ANYWAYS. She'd never tell me if I was right until after we were done. I was usually wrong. Apparently I suck at mind reading.

    Almost every women I've dated after her has asked me to fake rape them at some point. When one of my coworkers found out I was often called upon for that of FWB and ex's, he asked me to do him a solid and 'rape' his wife. Geez, what is with this world? I told my then GF what happened at work that day she loved the idea and eventually agreed to do a threesome with me and her BFF if I 'raped' my coworker's wife first. The things we do for 'love.'

    It turns out my wife is no exception. A few years into our marriage I came home to a VERY aroused and happy wife. She was VERY happy with me and thanked me for arranging for a 'stranger' to 'rape' her during her morning jog. I had no idea what she was talking about and told her so adding that I did all my own stunts She said she KNEW I set it up because he kept all her clothes. The time she was really raped, he busted his nut in her and ran. She felt gipped at the time that he didn't run off with her clothes. I'd known for years that if and when I 'rape' her or have someone else 'rape' my wife, we are to keep her clothes so she knows not to call the cops. I stopped denying it and just said it was better if I kept her guessing.

    'Rape' real or not, is NOT my kink. My actual kink is to nail married women. I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is. I didn't need to ask the details, she showered me with way more detail than I needed. I now had a hunch who the real perp was. I tracked him down, bought him a beer and 'thanked' him. We then came to an understanding.

  • If you liked it, what difference does it make?

  • Wow! I never thought of such a fantasy before but it kinda made me wet.

    Did you enjoy it?

  • Can I rape you as well

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