The king, or probably a queen...

I am openly gay and have been so since I guess middle school. I am 26 now and have calmed down quite a bit, but back in my teen years I was a wild one.
I found out at 13 that s** was GREAT! During a sleepover at a friends house I gave him a b******* and I think I enjoyed it more than he did. From there I was hooked.
During high school it was no secret that if you were a guy, h**** and needing to get off I was available. I gave more blow jobs than the cheer leading squad.
I don't know about now but just a few years ago it was the in thing to be bisexual. All the girls were experimenting with each other. Many of the guys didn't make a big deal about it, or brag, but they used my services frequently. Heck there were a couple of girls that liked watching me suck their boyfriends c***. Not to mention one special male teacher (lol).
The good ole days. After getting into college I decided to concentrate on an education and I slowed down. Maybe I will let loose sometime soon and get into some trouble.

Jun 9

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