Don't knock LGBTQXYZ

My girlfriends sissy teenage son has recently decided he is LGBTQ. His mother thinks its a phase but the school loves it and encourages it. One teacher even gave him some women's clothes and makeup to experiment with.
He started dressing and acting like a girl. He shaved his legs, started wearing panties and short skirts.
Well last week I f***** him! He has a skinny, tight, little ass and I mean tight! He hasn't gotten the knack of giving head yet but he has promised to practice.
I'm going to enjoy this.

Jun 13

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  • A sissy needs all the training they can get, and they are lucky to have you, along with all the other men and Mistresses in their future.

  • Open LGBTalskjdflkasdjflkasjdflkasdjfl expression should be banned, and this is why. And that's happening slowly more and more across America. Anyone that tries to push it in school or media should be imprisoned similar to pedophiles.

  • T-Girls are GOLD!
    I had my first experience while stationed in Korea. OMG! G.O.A.T!
    Now I only hookup with T-girls because they look & dress sexy and know what guys like.
    F-off white b******!

  • The school's are grooming these kids. It's completely unacceptable, like Disney.

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