An unexpected time together

I had my briefcase stolen on my recent trip to Quito. It was on Friday, and I lost my passport. I couldn't leave so I had to extend my trip, the earliest I could see the Consulate was Monday and then wait for a replacement passport could be processed. I went down to the restaurant in the morning to get some coffee and laid out my frustration with Santiago the young waiter.

I had nowhere to go, so I sat at the table for a while and Santiago came by and offered coffee, water, and conversation. He offered to show me around the city, after he got off work and I agreed, insisting that he let me pay him for his time.

We went to the old city and he showed me the church encrusted in gold and we talked about the history of Ecuador and I invited him to coffee and the afternoon turned into the evening and he accepted my invitation to dinner, he took me to a local stop. During dinner we talked, quietly, and I got this desire to kiss him. We sat close, head to head, his face beside mine and I kissed his cheek and immediately kissed his lips.

He was confused, or he was embarrassed, but he told me that in Ecuador you never did anything like that. I apologized, I told him that it was something that came over me. We finished dinner and he told me he lived nearby, so we walked to his apartment. A small apartment, very modest, with a sink in the room and the bathroom down the hall. I don't know if my feelings to kiss him and suck his p**** were stronger than his feelings to be kissed and have his p**** sucked. With the window wide open to the street I kissed him, my desire growing as he let me hold him in my arms.

I sat on the small bed and undid his pants and lowered them to the floor and took his p**** in my hand and into my mouth, His p**** was soft and delicious, and it grew into an erection which I held in my fist as I sucked him with a growing desire to get naked myself and with the window open to the street I undressed and we lay on his small bed, kissing and rubbing our penises together. The desires were strong, and he gave way and let me mount him and sink my p**** in him until I came.

We slept on the small bed until the very early hours of the morning, after waking we had s** again, and slept the rest of the night until the sun broke through the window and woke us up. He was off that morning, so we didn't hurry, we went for coffee and breakfast at the small restaurant where we had eaten the night before. Careful not to touch or show any signs of affection.

I spent the weekend with him, learning that he had asked off because he needed to work as many days as he could. I got my appointment on Monday and my passport on Tuesday and my flight on Wednesday. Tuesday night we had another long night together, I can't remember a night when I had s** so much and so fulfilling. I write this, because it is late at night and I can't go to sleep, I keep thinking about Santiago and those few days we spent together.

11 days

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