Naughty wife stories

I like to read true naughty wife stories and see pictures of them too. It would
be awesome to chat with a nice couple from N.E. Ohio & N. W. Pa.

19 days

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  • I have a naughty story for you. About a decade ago my wife who always dresses to attract, was in her computer room while 3 of my buddies and I were playing cards, penny ante stuff.
    I asked her if she would make us some snacks, she was sitting there in just one of my T-shirts. She agreed and hopped up to go into the kitchen.
    The guys looked up and they all made comments, that T-shirt made it obvious she had nothing on under it.
    Bill, the youngest whistled.
    Out she came, with chips, dip, and some of those horrible chocolate covered donuts.
    When she bent over to place the snacks on a TV tray alongside the table we were sitting at, he behind was pointed Bill's way, and I saw him lean over to take a look.
    He grinned and said, "No hair on it." my wife just laughed and told him he wasn't supposed to be peeking.
    "It's so pretty, I had no choice." He laughed.
    She went back into the other room with a huge smile.
    About 30 minutes later, our she came, dressed in a top, matching bottoms and a pullover coverup.
    "Ready for the half time show?" She asked.
    We all watched as she put on some music and did a strip tease, all the way down to fully naked, then she stretched out on the floor and spread her legs.
    Her v***** was so puffed up I don't know how she kept from doing all of them, but it was just a show. Finally she went back to her computer, I went in and took care of things, she was so swollen up down there is felt like a silk glove.
    She has done a bit of flashing from time to time, knowing how hot it makes me, but that was the first and only time she went to such an extreme.

  • U ARE LUCKY ....

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