Naughty wife stories

I like to read true naughty wife stories and see pictures of them too. It would
be awesome to chat with a nice couple from N.E. Ohio & N. W. Pa.

Jun 15

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  • Dr.Young is here to help you with any love situations. With over 30 years of experience. I have dealt with cases more difficult than yours daily on a basis and I solved countless cases. Regardless of the situation you might be facing my work is here to return your partner. You will not find any ready-made spells here that leads to nowhere. I will immediately conjure a solution tailored to your needs. I am here to return your relationship with full of love, allow yourself to benefit from my talent, being apart from your partner will only worsen the situation.

  • Dr. Young, My wife has a black lover & we are a white married couple. I have accepted this & she wants me to try bdsm with them, from 50 shades of gray.
    Should I do it? What will be my life like if I do this?

  • Xxx

  • My wife and I both work for the same company, in a large complex of buildings. I park my van right near my work-shop....backed in.
    My wife is easily in the top 3 good looking young females in the company.
    One day, on my birthday, some of my maintenance co-workers were standing outside near where I park and as I came out. They were all laughing and gabbing about something..
    I got some ribbing all the remainder of the day - mysteriously.
    At quitting time - there were more strange remarks and laughter as I headed towards my van. I heard at least 2 "lucky b******!'s" as I went out the door.
    I hopped in the seat - and immediately saw what all the commotion was about.
    Very conspicuously hanging down from the rearview mirror my sexy wife had hung the pair of little yellow thong panties that she'd been wearing to work today!
    A note on the steering wheel said, "smell these Birthday Boy!"
    That night she explained that she'd been caught lifting her bottom and sliding her thong off and putting it on the mirror. "Your buddies saw me get in your van, lift up, then hang my panties on your mirror!" They were in the shadow of the building and I was in the full sun - and never saw them until I was getting out. I got a lot of big smiles - and somebody said, "lucky b******!"

    She said she watched out of her 4th floor office saw them over by the van looking at what she'd left on my mirror. "Kind of embarrassing that they now know what kind of panties I wear - and that I wasn't wearing ANY when I walked past them!"
    Love this sexy woman!

  • S** can be such fun. It is so much better if we are not prudes and bolt against sexual fun. It is not about love, it is about fun & sexual release.

  • It really excites me when I know my wife has had great s**. She likes men and women and that makes it even more erotic for me. ,

  • I think that's awesome

  • My wife is a SoCal cutie - blonde blue eyes, and not at all ashamed of her sweet body.
    We were having our bathroom remodeled. Wife was using the shower at the far end of the house. 3 or my golfing buds were sitting in the den watching the Masters.
    I was coming around the corner as my butt naked wife came brushing her long hair from her shower - headed across the house to our bedroom.
    I said, "Hey hon, woa! - the boys are in the den!"
    She said, "which boys?"
    I told her.
    She said - "Oh well - I'll just give 'em something better to look at than golf!"
    Down the hall she went - marched right through the den naked at the day she was born - "Hi guys - 'scuse me!"
    That night in bed she asked if there was any conversation after her performance today.
    I told her that her b****** got full marks, they loved her "pointy nipples, her perky ass and that dark sexy triangle between her thighs!" "Finally a woman who doesn't shave herself bald!"

  • My wife was working with a lesbian who was very sexy. She made sure my wife could see her b**** & she frequently brushed up against the. One day at about closing she hugged my wife & said I would like to make k=love to you. My wife was so turned on she let her feel her up, let her start kissing her and they would up having female s** in the office.
    My wife was very late getting home & I wanted tom know why. She himed & hawed & I said, stop lying & tell me? that's when she told me & said nit was fantastic & she would be doing it often. Yes my wife is now a full on lesbian.

  • We both are passed 50s but still enjoy the warmth of our naked bodies. In the early morning I had a hard-on and I put it into her p**** and lay there for longer time without much movement. The preferred position is missionary or she riding my c*** ... OH! what a sexual bliss!!

  • Great to read your account! Like you, my wife and I are in our fifties, and still enjoy our sexy times. Sometimes, while laying with each other, we imagine how having a sexy lady with us, would be positions, and that sort of you and your wife ever have sexy thoughts like that? Please let me wife would find it interesting if you do! Could help our s** life even further!! My email :- would be great to hear from you!!

  • Ohhhh yes we do and a little more thoughts. We are pretty open, wife likes to say she's no bi but not shy either. We have did the pick up a stranger before, wife loves that one. Overall we did a sexbucket list. She listed 10 things she'd like to try so did I. Very fun and interesting.

  • Just love your personal report! How about another...I can tell you about my recent experiences too!! Looking forward mutual reports!

  • Mature

  • Years ago my sexy blonde SoCal born wife went to the zoo with our 2 yr old in a stroller. She had finally gotten her body back to pre-preg condition.....and she decided to show it off.
    She wore a simple button up blouse, some sandals and the jeans miniskirt that was a hand-me-down from her younger sister who said it was too short for her.
    That little job caused so many double-takes when guys (and women) walked past. Surely that must be a 'skort' of those things that was a skirt from the front and shorts from the back. A lot of gals wore them.
    NOPE! - this baby was a mini skirt - showing a lovely degree of her creamy thighs...sitting just below her little while bikini panties....which were on view several times that day...especially when tending to our son in his stroller! She could squat by his stroller in a very lady-like manner, and keep her knees together - but that skirt was so high....if you were at the right angle - her crotch was easy to see up there....and well, it was a lot of fun to watch her.
    At lunch in the zoo - she whispered, "do you think this is too short?"
    I said, h*** no!....there are so many guys walking around here with at least half a b**** because of the way you look in it!
    She blushed, "oh my...well if I look OK then I'm going to quit tugging at it!"
    Thank you - from all us guys!

    That night I asked her in bed - "does it feel a little strange to feel the breeze moving around up in there far up between your legs?!"
    "A little, but girls get used to it, it is kinda like just walking around in my panties" she said.
    Wow, that's a nice mental image!

  • I have a naughty story for you. About a decade ago my wife who always dresses to attract, was in her computer room while 3 of my buddies and I were playing cards, penny ante stuff.
    I asked her if she would make us some snacks, she was sitting there in just one of my T-shirts. She agreed and hopped up to go into the kitchen.
    The guys looked up and they all made comments, that T-shirt made it obvious she had nothing on under it.
    Bill, the youngest whistled.
    Out she came, with chips, dip, and some of those horrible chocolate covered donuts.
    When she bent over to place the snacks on a TV tray alongside the table we were sitting at, he behind was pointed Bill's way, and I saw him lean over to take a look.
    He grinned and said, "No hair on it." my wife just laughed and told him he wasn't supposed to be peeking.
    "It's so pretty, I had no choice." He laughed.
    She went back into the other room with a huge smile.
    About 30 minutes later, our she came, dressed in a top, matching bottoms and a pullover coverup.
    "Ready for the half time show?" She asked.
    We all watched as she put on some music and did a strip tease, all the way down to fully naked, then she stretched out on the floor and spread her legs.
    Her v***** was so puffed up I don't know how she kept from doing all of them, but it was just a show. Finally she went back to her computer, I went in and took care of things, she was so swollen up down there is felt like a silk glove.
    She has done a bit of flashing from time to time, knowing how hot it makes me, but that was the first and only time she went to such an extreme.

  • I had a friend whose wife had kicked him out come live in my basement. There was a single bed there and a bathroom with a chest of drawers he could use. The basement was wide open. He put up a long sheet to give him some privacy. He knew we were kinky and asked me one day if he could video us having s**. No one was home but me, him, and my wife. It took no convincing for her to agree to us going down to the basement. He got out his video camera and we got naked and after some preliminary kissing, sucking, and licking, I laid her across the bed, got on my knees, and entered her shaved v*****. He got h**** and pulled his p**** out and began stroking it. She looked over at him and motioned for him to put it in her mouth. He did and she deep throated him. He shot his load in three minutes or less. She told him he could put it in her when I finished, but he said he did think that was right since he was still married.

  • You would have thrown me out cos I would have licked her C and made is so engorged with passion her jizim would have dripped from my mouth I just rubbed one out thinking about it and the cleaning lady saw me. This doubled my pleasure. Now she is p***** to have seen me doing this and I had to double her pay for today. Then I told her why and she says no one does that for me. My response you never work naked! Well little did I know that's all it took. Oh Yea she will not refund the extra charge. I know what her tips will be from now on :). I suppose I owe you a Thank You
    Looking forward to eating P#$$y every other week.

  • I would have f****** her in front of the 3 buddies, I think that's what she wanted, or she would not have exposed her female charms the way she did.

  • When I met my wife to be she was 23. She had her first s** at 17. She had a miscarriage at 19. Not sure how many men before me but she did have experience. She was dating a black man when we met and told me she was having s** with him & would want to continue that if we got married. I agreed. We have been married for 12 years, have some s** now & then but she has several black lovers. I know I am a cuckold and live with it. The humiliating part of it is that my wife has told her sister and other friends that she has black lovers & I accept it because I have a small p**** & am lousy in bed!

  • U ARE LUCKY ....

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