I want my man to enjoy me

Some things dominate your life experiences. For me it was an afternoon when he followed me home from school and took me on the floor in the den. I had never had a man (boy at the time) look at me naked, look at me with eyes like that. I had to lay there exposed and he sat back on the couch looking at me. After a few minutes he told me to open my legs, his eyes going from my open l**** to my eyes, holding my eyes in a trance I couldn't break.

He had me from then on, through the rest of high school, into and beyond college. I never cheated or even came close to cheating. From time to time after s** like that afternoon he liked looking at me, taking me all in, naked with my legs open. You don't get used to it, one thing is nudity while you are pulling on your panties, another is exposing yourself for his visual pleasure.

I was thirty, working as an executive assistant, and I got to be friends with another unmarried woman at work. We had a late lunch one day and she asked me about my experiences and if I had a man in my life. That day I peeled off the bandaid and told her about him. She asked me if exposing myself felt good, in a very naughty way. "He's only assessing his property, you're lucky your manfriend has kept you this long."

She confessed to me that she had one or two boy friends, but nothing led to s**, her sexual experiences were alone in the dark with a d**** and a vibrator. No man, no man to put it to her, no man to strip her, no man to look at her naked. No man to put his mark on her.

The next time my man told me to lay back and open my legs for him I played with myself while he looked and I had an o*****. It was for him that I did it. For him to enjoy me like that. It was liberating to give myself to my man that way.

11 days

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