Our Baby Daddy

I have always been the quiet one, I have a hard time talking. I had one sexual lover at the time, from my high school days with one of the soccer players on my team. It went all the way and I woke up with her tied in a knot. We dated in high school, we went to college together and after college we moved in together as young adults. Neither one of us ever kissed a guy, not that we had interest.

A guy from my work had the hots for me and for the longest time I was able to keep him at a distance. But then we were in his office, I always kept the desk between us, but he walked around and closed the door and said he wanted things to be clear between us and the next thing I know he's kissing me and fondling me.

I told my girlfriend what happened and she was understanding, she wanted me to let it go further, so that I could find out what s** with a guy was. At first she didn't want any on her part, but going through life never experiencing male penetration was a sin. So she volunteered to come along and have me talk to him and see if he would take us both on, together.

I won't write down what he said, but there was a H*** and a YES and our pants were down and he was nestled between our legs doing his thing. We decided to let him continue with us, until we were both safely pregnant. Overall it was a couple of months before we felt we were pregnant enough to push him back and get back to our solitary, miserable lives as lesbian girls.

The pregnancies took and soon we were walking around sporting a baby bump and then a big belly. Our babies popped out, a boy and a girl, and we thanked him for his services and told him we didn't need any help, we could take care of ourselves. Men won't walk away from their babies so like it or not he is still in the middle, but not between our legs.

Jun 17

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  • Did you girls enjoy the male penetration

  • I can’t speak for my partner but yes I enjoyed male penetration. I also found it extremely arousing to watch my partner have s** with a man.

    We both orgasmed numerous times while having hetero s**

    But there is nothing that can match the kissing and touch of another woman and how only an other woman knows exactly where and how to kiss, lick and suck.

    Not to mention hetero s** is just so messy and sloppy

  • My husband fathered our lesbian neighbors babies.

    It was so cute to see the two of them pregnant and my husband was so proud.

  • The ladies next door asked me if I would allow Jim to grant them services again. I couldn’t say no. They are such a cute couple and their boys are so cute. They always go outside when Jim works in the yard and try to help him.

    Jim also said that it was amazing s**, and I have to admit I still watch the video from the time they allowed me to film it and it makes me so wet just thinking about it.

    I wish that I was still child baring age

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