I'm happily married to a good man. We've been together for 17 years. He's not good in bed- At all. This isn't a situation that communication or coaxing can fix. I fantasize about other men constantly. I get myself off about 10 times for every 1 time with him. I have a good friend (totally platonic) that I want to f*** the living s*** out of. He hasn't been with a woman in a few years and I know he's just teaming with supressed sexual tension. If I could get away with it and no one were to be hurt, I'd probably go for it. I am such a loyal person and do not believe in cheating. My integrity is the only thing that's stopping me, but man I want to ride that man until his head pops off. There are so man things I want to do to him, even writing about it is exciting me

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  • If he hasn't had a woman in years, does that mean he's gay?

  • Have some kids start having s** with them when they are about 4 or so. Teach them to be c** whores.

  • Girl, make it your lifes ambition to teach your man how to please you. My wife and I have so much fun, because we understand each other and desire to please each other. Get busy girl.

  • what's the deal w/ the stinky hole guy? some kind of deep seeded issues with his mommy and hygiene and using the "n" word.........oooooooooooh you're so shocking!! how wil we ever recover?! go get f***** buddy and wash your p*** hole so it doesn't stink like the rest of us have been doing since childhood!

  • I know what you want is not acceptable in today's society... BUt who would you be hurt if you were to have s** with this guy? Your husband? Would he get less s**? This friend? Because he's finally getting some? Yourself? Because you get filled up with extra cream?
    I wish people would not fixed-relate s** to a relationship. Yes, s** can be and should be part of a relationship.. But considering how often a relationship is not balanced when it comes to sexual desires (or other needs).. An extra guy or gal would be helpful to fix those sexual frustrations that the differences in needs bring up...
    In my opinion it is always a matter of egos that get hurt and if people would focus less on their own ego and more on the other's needs there would be a lot less problems in relationiships.. And less divorce.
    S** should be fun.. And fun should not be limited to just one person, especially if that person does not have the same desires or less desire than yourself...
    So bottom line for me.. Go find out if this other guy wants it... And try to talk to your man that you need more than he does... Doe she know that? Cheating is not the right thing to do... But with his consent (and in my opinion he should give that if he wants you to be happy)... have fun...

  • Find a n***** that's ríght I said n***** and have him pentrate you stinky c*** and then c** in that stinky hole of yours. Then p*** into the n****** p*** hole.

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