I ** myself on purpose

When I was 13 I was playing an online game, meanwhile I really had to pee (I was drinking a lot of soft drinks while playing). Not wanting to lose I decided to hold it. Halfway through the urge got so bad I couldn’t focus on the game anymore, yet I still didn’t want to leave it and loose. So since I was home alone I sat on the floor and peed my pants while I continued playing. The worst part is that this wasn’t the only time I did it. I did this another 2 or 3 times (on seperate occasions)

Jun 20

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  • I remember being 15 (I'm in my late 50's now) and peeing my pants while playing Risk (a board game) with my brother who was 10. I had to go really bad when I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I told my brother I had to pee and started to get up, but he complained and said "no! let's finish the game first!" If you've ever played Risk, you know the game can take a very long time. I sat back down and squirmed while we continued to play, but about 5 minutes later I just decided to go in my pants. I pulled my tee shirt down in front to hide my shorts, so my brother didn't know until the game was over and I told him. He was a bit surprised. Usually it was him that had accidents. After that it was often that one or both of us peed our pants while playing that game.

  • When i was 13,i was the nervous type! Two weeks before i finially made my First Communion,i had to give a report in front of my class at school and peed my pants! It happened a few days later again! The morning of my First Communion i was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants that i had to wear under my communion dress for the day! I wound up wetting in the diapers also!

  • I'm a 36 year old mother of 5, with the youngest being 6 years old, so I started young, to say the least. Well, my ability to hold my pee is not very good after all the kids, so I pee myself a lot. I use adult diapers when I go out, but when I'm at home, I don't cause it becomes too expensive. Fortunately, we have a back yard that's mostly concrete with a large covered area, so we spend most of our time outside, which isn't a problem on the Big Island (Hawaii). I just wear a short dress with no **. We have outdoor patio chairs. So I just go whenever--in the chair, while barbequing, whatever. I hose everything off 2 or 3 times a day, so no muss, no fuss, no smell. I actually like to pee myself now. Kind of funny, huh?

  • I also like to pee myself

  • It's so nice. I started wearing adult diapers so I can pee myself. So nice not to get out of bed.

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