Boss caught me

Hey, i have a question and id really like some opinions on it, first heres my situation im a 30 year old woman and I work late at night as a secretary and most of the time the building is empty and the only people there are security guards, so i figure i was alone and I started 'playing' with myself and about 15 minutes later my boss walked in and caught me, so the next morning he pulled me into his office and told me 'ya know what you did last night could be cause for your termination here' so i pleaded for another chance but the strange thing about it is he wasnt mad when he said it and he went on to tell me not to worry or plead because what i did is a natural thing and just be more discreet about it and there was no sexual intent behind what he said. so im confused here is he wrong for not firing me or writing me up for it? am i keeping my job just for playing with myself? .anonymous

Dec 31, 2014

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  • Just in case i dont wanna lead you on i dont have an email i like to 'stay hidden' i know my boss said i can do certain things and ive been pushing my limit further n further, theres just one thing i really wanna do but there are too many cameras and i cant walk around nude at night im not sure if theres anything left for me to do its fun being a little risky :) . -anonymous

  • Yes it is fun being a little risky, like when i have taken a pic of my d*** hard at my desk when at any time someone can just walk by and see me, but i understand that you want to stay hidden, i was just curious as to how hot you must look when your doing that at your work

  • Worked morning hours today so i thought id have a little fun so i wore my c*** pump while working around everyone i wore it for 3 hours and i was going crazy during a meeting but nobody noticed, i went into the bathroom and played with myself quietly and put it back on for another 3 hours.. wow. -anonymous

  • Dam gotta stop teaseing and send me some sexy pics of you doing that

  • Had fun at work lat night, a half hour before i checked out of work i spent the last half hour in the bathroom riding my sybian while being nude.. what a rush. -anonymous

  • Very sexy

  • If anyone knows how to upload photos here let me know, ill take a few i just dont know how to post them here. -anonymous

  • You cant post pics here, email them to me

  • When i go to work i dont even bother wearing panties, tonight im gonna nude up in the bathroom and have my fun ;p -anonymous

  • F*** thats hot...take some pics to show us

  • Thank god for lockable droors :) anonymous

  • Not me, i had to make sure nobody walked by when i pulled my d*** out at my desk

  • And thank god for lockable droors :). anonymous

  • My boss rarely comes into to check up on things at night, even though ive been given the ok to do things ;p im not gonna take advantage of his kindness and generosity, i can be as loud as i want i just cant go all out by nuding up. -anonymous

  • Dam thats hot

  • I had a small conversation with him in private and he said he was being nice and since no one was around he didnt mind he said everybody does it they just do it in private and he says in my case i dont necessarily need too much privacy since im the only one who works late and the last one in the building. anonymous

  • See...he was just being a nice guy...but i am sure if i had that kinda privacy like you, i would be jerking off at my desk if no one is around...except i have taken some d*** pics and sent them to some of the women in the office who have asked me for them

  • It sounds like he was just trying to be a nice guy and not fire you, since i think his job would have been to do that. so i take it as him just trying to be nice to let you keep your job

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