I vote republican

I have voted for all Republicans for 20 years, because I believe that's the best way to destroy this country. I am a refugee from Afghanistan who got my citizenship in 2002. I hate America.

Jun 29

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  • Right wing, left wing: wings of the same corrupt bird. Get over yourself, you’re only supporting Israel anyway.
    F*** the zionists and their zogbot attack dogs

  • Thank you for voting Republican. You are doing real American Patriots a great service.

  • Reading comprehension isn't your strong point, is it champ?

  • I have never voted Rep yet but will from now on. I think Joe Biden is trying to destroy this country and no longer believe that climate change is a threat. Just a political football. Upon reading a lot, they've been saying for 40 years that the oceans are going to rise. Obama just bought beachfront property. Total scam.

  • Dems are complete idiots who are destroying this country.

  • We've got way too many idiots of both flavors. And it's the IDIOTS who HAVE destroyed this country, it's just running on momentum right now.

  • Go back to your HELLHOLE. Or Canada

  • America has no friends. And lots of enemies within. Americans (whites only, the other races are not Americans) need to die. It's useless keeping them alive.

  • This is a seriously stupid take. I vote Republican as the Dems are retarded-look at this administration, but you're giving conservative and middle-lean right people a bad name by being an outright racist. Go to your KKK meeting and f*** off.

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