I shouldn't be left in charge.

I have a guy friend, I have known him for 20+ years and he was married to my #1 bestie for most of those years, Met him, Almost hooked up a couple times but never happened, He ended up married to my best friend and in the entire time they were married not one thing happened between us, No real flirting or anything like that, Drunken stupid joking around and so on but nothing serious.
Anyway my friend is not with us anymore after a tragic accident and my husband and I have been separated for 9 years, Probably should just get divorced but...I inherited my besties husband after her death and we stayed in touch even though he moved 3 hours away, I have always been reasonably close with him and the other day he stopped by to drop off some stuff for me, I was expecting him to stop by in the afternoon but at 10:00am I heard a knock on the door, I was nowhere near ready for the day and answered the door in my nightgown, Yes I am like a 90 year old in my full length nightgowns even though I am only 44.
I invited him in and I offered him a coffee, We sat and talked for a bit and then he left, Before he left he said "I am not leaving till morning, Do you want to go for supper and a couple drinks tonight?", I said "Sure, that would be great" and he said "Ok, I will pick you up at 7:00" and we parted ways. I did actually run into him at one point just sort of passed him on the street and waved and then he got dropped off at my place at 7:00 on the dot. We went and had supper and a few drinks at the place just down from my house, He walked me home and said he would call an uber to meet him there so he could make sure I got home, I actually called it and ordered it since he didn't know my actually address, He just knows how to get there.
We sat and had a drink and he went to the bathroom, I got my phone out and canceled the uber, When he came back I met him in the kitchen and kissed him. Long story short we spent the entire night f******, Every room, Every piece of furniture, Blinds wide open, Lights on, Just banging from room to room and it was the best s** and the best night of my entire adult life, Basically we collapsed and had a nap for a couple hours.
After a couple hours he woke me up kissing my neck, I stuck out my butt and he hammered me for about 15 minutes, Pushed my legs down straddling me while still in me (Yes he is large enough to pull that off), He held my arms at my sides and looked me in the eyes saying "Ready?", I knew what was going on or at least figured I did ad he pulled out, Straddled my chest with my arms pinned at my sides by his legs and gave me a facial. Before that moment I would have NEVER let a guy do that, EVER, that was always on my never in a million years list.
Anyway, Huge facial, Dripping everywhere, Running down my neck, All over my face, Neck, B**** and he says "You like that?", I shook my head no and he said "Good" then he took his hand and wiped his come off my face but more than wiping it off he smeared it across my face and I gagged, He did get up and grab me a towel and then we had a shower together and had a coffee, I couldn't stop myself from saying it and finally said "Haha, what the f*** was that this morning?" He smiled and shrugged and said "I don't know", I said "Well...I never would have guessed that you of any guy in the world would be the first to come on my face", He stopped and stared at me and finally said "Seriously?", I nodded and he laughed and said "Oh f***, I am sorry, I just assumed since you just nodded your head when I asked if you were ready that you had...." I scrunched my face up and said "Nope" He laughed again and said "S***, I am sorry", I shrugged and said "It's fine"
He said he should go after we finished our coffee and when we stood at the door I couldn't help it, I ended up on my knees swallowing a load and he looked at me after I stood up and said "Uh...How do I just leave after that...Shouldn't I be like staying now or something?", I said "Just say thanks and turn and leave", He shook his head and said "Thanks" and turned and left.
The situation is not something I have ever experienced before and I don't know how to control myself with him, It's been 3 days and I have sent 15 topless/Nud3 pics and 3 videos of me self pleasuring and he says he is coming back to town tomorrow, I should not be left in charge of my own life choices

Jun 29

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