I hate my sister. She is a stupid F***kinn rat! Once she searched up gun wounds when she was 8 because some boys in her class told her to. But when she was caught by our dad she said that it was ME!!!!!!! Sorry sis but you have got to be kidding. My dad then grounded me for a year! Honestly I hate my sister. And what's more my dad always blames me for everything. She is the worst sister ever. I am happy I'm 30 now and that I'm married. Now I am free from my sister. Well that's all from me now. Bye.


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  • My sister emotionally abused me for years. She had her friends do the same. She had her boyfriends beat me. And when our father got sick, she left me alone to assist him. Then he died and I had to handle his estate. She did not help. Then I sold the estate and she robbed me of over 26k. Yeah bud. I’m there with you. I unpersoned her. Literally. It’s been wonderfully cathartic to go into photoshop and literally erase her from every photo. I’ll never speak to her again. Even if she’s dying on my front door step. I’ll just tell her to go die on the street.

  • Have your husband bang her

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