Genuine Hate

I hate my mother so much. She is so ignorant to her behavior. She rips my sister apart whenever she can. She degrades her, talks about her poor choice in boyfriends, how she's becoming too dependent and soon won't be able to even stand on her own feet....My sister never cries. She is not very emotional, but I've seen her cry more and more because of mom. Since my sister is in college all she talks about it going back and finally being able to move out for good. Once she does move out I'm afraid I won't see her again. I'm trying to intervene except mom has really bad selective hearing. She hears nothing unless she agrees with or someone is agreeing with her. I want to kill her. She is so f****** stupid.

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  • Your mom sounds mentally ill. Look up Borderline Personality and Narcissistic Personality to see if that's what she has. Good luck.

  • Just because she's your mom doesn't mean she knows how to be a good mom. She may want the best for you and your sister but just has a very poor way of expressing that. And your sister may have just learned to just pick her battles. She's always going to be your mom, it's just about figuring out what kind of relationship to have with her. One other thing to consider, your mom could be dealing with a mental illness and that's why she acts the way she does. One thing to consider and maybe tell your mom..that the more she comes down on her sister the more she pushes her away. And it's great that she wishes that her sister make better choices with men, but the guy she's seeing is her choice and she's going to push her further away from mom and closer to the boyfriend. Your mom has to let go and allow her to make her own choices. And if the guy is a j***, she will unfortunately figure that out. For you, the best thing is to concentrate on you and continue to call your sister. Killing your mom is definitely not an option...

  • You also can go to for the subject. Good luck

  • All moms are not Cliche "mother".
    They are human and may be good or bad or mad.
    Some moms may eat their children like cats.
    Moms may be jealous to their kids because they hadn't a good childhood.
    The best way is you go to university and then start your own life. Until then try least conflict and study psychology and google for better ways to deal with your mom.And talk to the consultants.

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