Wrestling with woman next door to us

I am 17 yrs old and I love wrestling with my girlfriend. She is 17 yrs old also. I am 6’2 and she is 5’7. I am 130 pounds and she is 120 pounds. I am wrestling her in the backyard like we always do. I have been her three times and she has pinned me once and made me submit once. She goes home and my neighbor a woman who is 35 years old calls me over. She asked me into her house and we are talking. She asks if I like wrestling my girlfriend and I told her yes. She wanted to know if I have wrestle a older girl or a woman. No I have not. Would you like to wrestle with me. Ok, let’s do it. She has on extremely tight fitting jeans and tank top and no bra. We start wrestling with each other. We are rolling around with each other grappling, grabbing, rubbing,groping and applying all different wrestling holds and positions on each other. We both have been on top or bottom of each other a few times. Her legs and thighs are getting tight and hard inside her jeans. I am able to pin her in a full craddle pin for the win. We go again and I pin her in a leg craddle for a pin. We start wrestling again and she grabs my crotch and turns me over in a fully body leg pin and is squeezing me extremely tight and hard. I can not break free and I tap out. I can feel that I am getting extremely excited and aroused and I her a moan from her. We are wrestling extremely hard and rough and I can her into a full body pin. She taps out but I rub my crotch onto her crotch before I let her up. We now are even wrestling rougher than before. I am now behind her and my hard p**** is against her backside. I am ramming her and she moans again, their is no penetration since we are in our jeans. She gets me into a headlock and rolls me over and gets me into a extremely tight grapevine position. She is spreading my legs apart and I can not wrestle out of this position. I submit the match. She losen the grapevine position and slides her body up so she is on top of me and we are crotch to crotch. She now is grinding extremely h****** me and I am now grinding extremely h****** her also. We both come at the same time. We are both extremely satisfied with our experience of wrestling with each other and our dry humping with each other. Over the years we have had many a good times wrestling and dry humping with each other. This was always our secret.

Jul 7

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  • Why dry hump. She definitely wants it. Let her have it. If she plays hard to get force in on her. She may play hard to get but trust me she wants that young c***. I know I would

  • Next time suggest a naked wrestling. That will be the real fun.

  • Do you think you aren't cheating on your girl?

  • Sounds dumb. Why not just f***.

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