sometimes when i am with men i remember the things you did to me and then i get hot and then my stomach twists and i get sick and disgusted with myself and that is when i cut myself because what kind of sick ***** gets excited by her molester and rapist.

i have been stitched and i have been stapled and i have seen my red cover the bathroom floor but i wish i had the courage to cut all the way down. there is not enough blood to attone for my sins.

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  • ^ whoa. I am not alone. My wife and I do the same. I never thought I would hear of another couple that do these things. We embrace it rather than run from it.

  • My wife has the same issue. Too be perfectly honest we have a good time with it. She knows that she is safe with me so she explores that whole scene. She has sparked a pedo interest in me and we have a great time fantasizing. So don't just look at the negative there can be a lot of fun if you allow yourself.

  • [IMG][/IMG]

  • Give us details of your molestations and your rapes. Did he f*** you really hard? Did he call you a w****? Did he suck you t******? Did he make you suck his d***? Did he sodomize you? Come on, please, give us details.

  • #7, you are wrong. She is a w****. She actually ENJOYED being molested and raped so much that it still turns her on to this day! What kind of person actually ENJOYS being molested and rape? A W****, THAT'S WHAT KIND OF PERSON!!!

  • Go to p***. The misogynistic extreme rough degrading hardcore s***. I recommend Facial Abuse, those guys will put you in your place like the happy filthy w**** you are.

  • Wow, i am shocked at the idiocy in some of these comments and disgusted at the sheer disregard those people have for humanity. I agree and strongly affirm that you need to share your struggle with someone. What was done to you is completely wrong and you are hurting. You are courageous in living life everyday, rely on this to resolve what you struggle with.

  • Don't listen to these people. You are not a w****, you are not damaged goods. You're hurting, there's a difference. You need help that I can't give you. Tell someone, speak up, have hope that things will get better. But, sweetie, you need to listen to me. DON'T GIVE UP.

  • Honey, you are used, damaged goods.

  • I agree with post #3, you're a w****. And the only way you will be happy is for you to live your life as the w**** that you know you are.

  • You're a w****. And you know you're a w****.

  • There's nothing wrong with being turned-on by your molester/rapist. It just mean that you enjoyed being molested and raped. And that you want to be molested and raped, again.

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