My castration

My young wife and her lover insisted I be castrated if we were to live together. I consented and they castrated me with my own Burdizzo. We live on our old family nudist farm in a very remote area. Our family members were in the arena where I was secured in the stall and stantion where we usually castrate young bulls and stallions. My niece said I e********* several times as my manhood was crushed by the Burdizzo. After I was castrated my wife's lover bred my wife in front of me then I was made to suck his p**** after he finished breeding my wife, I have learned to like the taste of his s****. now after becoming their Eunuch s** servant. It is embarrassing to have to perform in front of my family, but I have become their Sissy and I accept my lot in life now and try to enjoy being used. I have been tattooed and my limp p**** ringed to show all our family and their guest that I am a castrated Eunuch. Photos are available if you like. My name has been changed to spell as feminine. "jerrie"

28 days

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  • Ewww. Sick fantasy story....

  • Go away with this fake garbage!

  • Dude, you are a Fu**in idiot to actually think for a second that anyone believes
    your dumb ass story! You make it sound like its a stroll in the park! You should have put your head in the burdizzo and crushed it, nobody wants to hear this nonsense. Your dumb c**t wife should find herself a normal man S***

  • Somehow I find this hard to believe.

    I would think you are lonely.

  • I am lonely, now as my niece is my only friend, but I can no longer breed her after being castrated so I too am frustrated and h**** and can do nothing to stop my embarrassment of having to perform in front of my family and ther guest. Thank you for your concern.

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