Not cool Brah.

Last weekend I was at my BF's, and we were drinking, I may have had a bit too much and needed a little rest so I was laying face down on the floor with my head on a pillow, I wasn't asleep but was zoned out just letting things settle a bit so when my BF said my name I just ignored him, He reached over and nudged my hip with his foot and I ignored him again.
I could hear whispering and giggling but to be honest I really wasn't able to make too much sense of any of it, I felt my BF run his foot up my leg and lift my skirt, I felt it fall and rest on my lower back but at the time really didn't care, I knew they were all looking or at least now I know they would have been, I don't know what I knew at the time. I am 5'3", 120 pounds with not much for b**** but have a small, Firm, Bubble bu++ and lots of all over freckles which all men seem to like, I am well aware because everyone tells me, Guys, Girls, Everyone that my bu++ is my best "Ass-et" but my young...Inocent look with the freckles top it all off.
So I laid there and didn't really care that they were all looking at my bu++ until I felt a hand on my ankle, For a second I thought "I should go to bed" but my body said "Nah, We will just stay here".
Next there was another hand on my leg, then my thigh, then I don't even know how many hands, Could have been 3-4-5 or all 6 touching my legs, Thighs and bu++ and then I felt a hand on each ankle and gently spread my legs. It was such a surreal feeling as they touched me and put fingers in my...Vag and a couple times I felt one go in my bu++...I was so relaxed and everything was feeling so good, I heard a couple comments about how wet I was and I just laid there enjoying the feeling.
It didn't take too long before I felt someone lick my vag and then there was a short session of too many tongues in all the places and then someone pressing their c*** against the crack of my ass, I was about to roll over and then I felt another press against my lips, I got distracted and decided to see how far they would take it if they thought I was asleep. Well....I can tell you that they didn't care, Round after round, I have no idea how many but I think I capped out at 3 or a slim chance of 4 O's and I am going to guess a similar number for each of them, Some inside, Some on my back, Some on the side of my face.
I don't even know when it happened but I ended up wearing nothing, Not my skirt, Not my shirt, Not my bra, My hair tie was gone, I found my watch on the coffee table, My rings were nicely set beside my watch and my necklace, I dozed off somewhere along the way because I woke up face down on the floor, I got up, Got my stuff on and went to the kitchen, My Bf was sitting there and all I said was not cool, Drive me home. Every time he tried to say something I just said "Shhht" and put my finger up to show my disapproval, I know I was the one who let it happen and loved every minute of it but it doesn't make it ok that they felt fine treating me like that when they thought I was asleep.

Jul 18

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  • But you could of got up or said stop

  • Not to worry, P***Y is resilient, you cant wear it out, thats why I want a pair of boots made out of p***y, cause they would never wear out!

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