Revenge on mother in law in gross fashion

I hate my mother in law more than most of my family. I did something somewhat sexual as a form of revenge when in a mixed state when my husband was on the computer flirting with his video game buddies. I was h**** as usual and he avoided me because he likes flirting with New York girls online for fun.

His mother in law was over being a royal c**t when she shouldn’t have even been there. Thankfully we put here out back. I was playing with my d**** because I’m at that age where we need something all the time. It was drenched I came so much.

She was in the kitchen and left her cup of coffee out in the living room. I let my d**** drip (I was soaked) into her coffee multiple times then ran back to my room.

I was pleased with myself and wound up laughing. Later I felt disgusted that’s a grown adult woman in her 40s would do such a thing out of disgust and sheer frustration. Hate myself for this but where else could I one admit this? I ghosted my best friend because I’m a coward so I’m here. I loathe her but that was just immature and disgusting.

30 days

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  • Something don't make sense here........LOL it there goes to show you it's not confessions it's telling and making up stories ....

  • What the f*** is going on?? Proof read b****!

  • Surely HIS mother in law is your Mom??

  • Thought that as well. Fake story.

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