Unexpected adult movie experience

I did a real p*** shoot awhile back. I confessed this once on here but just yesterday I got a copy of the movie in the mail. The real p*** DVD with me in a scene. It got me and my boyfriend so h**** we f***** like rabbits watching it. Not to mention I had to go on here and tell the story again.
I live in L.A. I am a mid 20's girl and pretty hot I think. About a year ago I met a guy my age. He was tall, muscular and hot. And as I found out later packing a big 9 inch tool. But after a couple of dates we were to the point of having s** and he sat me down and confessed something. He wanted to be honest and told me he occasionally makes extra cash doing shoots for p*** movies. I was OK with it.
Well one Saturday I knew he had a movie shoot. He surprised me by asking if I would like to come and watch. See what a real p*** shoot was like. I went.
We went to a house where the equipment was set up in a room. There were 3 guys there. One was another hot guy just like my boyfriend, the other 2 were there to film. All of them were not in a good mood because the girl had not shown yet. The scene was supposed to be a 3sum, 2 guys and a girl. After maybe 45 minutes she finally rolled in and she was wasted. She was slurring her words and could barely stand up. The guy in charge kicked her out. All the guys got together for a pow wow as I sat on the side. I figured we would be leaving. But instead my boyfriend came over and asked me if I wanted to "fill in". I was like "what"! They want me to do a p***? Then the lead guy came over. He pulled $200 out of his pocket and said its all I got, I have to have something to turn in today.
A few minutes later I was naked having s** with my boyfriend and another guy. And that guy was just as hot and hung as my boyfriend. I had a blast!
Now I have the suvenir of the experience.

25 days

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  • Good story!
    However, let's get real here.
    There's much more involved than just showing up and making an adult movie.
    There's paperwork, verify ID, STD testing, registering as a s*x worker and finally all you got was $200 for your 'first scene'?
    Either this entire story is fake or your not much to look at for $200. Try adding another zero if you're as hot as you think.
    Normal fee for a female's first scene can run between 1500 to 2k. It depends on appearance and attitude. Some girls have a 'fun' personality producers fall in love with.
    Another question. How long did it take to film your first scene?

  • You’re a fluffer and there isn’t that much background and testing they do for you.
    BTW, the amount paid is mostly dependent on the acts that are performed with butt-related the most.

  • I would love to have movies of my wife's boyfriends f****** her. My wife had several boyfriends before me and they all f***** her.

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