Right in her tummy!

I love lesbians that are into belly punching. especially when they have a soft slightly chubby belly. When they have on a bikini top and that ** lower tummy is exposed-the feeling of my fist pushing deep into that is so arousing! Uppercuts to the gut while they standing up and making them double over with your fist still deep in that gut. I give it a couple extra deep pushes just to here that ** "oooooooofff!" sound. And then when they beg you to stop but secretly want it harder in the gut! Happy to oblige! Uppercuts deep in the tummy. Always hurt really bad. The best part then comes after the pain-rubbing the tummy ache away and kissing that soft destroyed belly while they moan. I I'm Moo

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I think I have a crush on my autistic online friend

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