GF likes to be shown off

My Gf loves for me to take pictures of her. I have taken many pictures in different sexy clothing and nudes. My GF isn’t shy and likes me taking nudes the most. She keeps herself shaven and looks great in the pictures. I have taken pictures of her spread and showing all also. Sometimes I ask her to open her legs which she does without a problem. Once in a while Ii will say wider please and she smiles and spreads wide for those P**** pictures. Her whole body is gorgeous. I have asked her if I can show them to my friends and coworkers. She always laughs and says sure if you want to. I asked if there were any she didn’t want me to show and she said no you can show them all if you want. When I would tell her that I showed them to someone she would say cool what did they say? I would tell her they thought she had a great body and liked the P**** pictures with her legs spread. She would smile and say I’m glad you like showing them. I had friends over to watch a game and she was there. At halftime I brought the pictures out and started showing them to my friends. She glanced at what I was showing and smiled. A couple guys said I really like the spread photos and she would look at the picture of her that they were looking at and said those are some of my favorites too. They said the pictures are great but the real thing would be better. I asked her if she would mind showing them the real thing. She said if you want me to I will. I said sure and she proceeded to take her clothes off. The guys loved her pretty t*** when she took her top off and she proceeded to take her jeans off. In just a thong she let everyone see her body. One of the guys said can we see you like this? And held a picture of her naked and legs spread. She looked at me and I said sure. She took her panties off and sat back in a chair with legs spread. She seemed to like them looking at her. Later when the guys left she said well I enjoyed that. I said so did I. She asked me if I would mind sending a friend of hers some pictures. I said pick out the ones you want me to send. She picked several pictures including some with legs spread. I said a good friend? She said they used to be together but he was too jealous and would never have let her do what she did tonight. I asked why send him pictures. She said I think he would like them even if he was too jealous to show them to anyone. I said why the spread pictures? She said truthfully I like those the best and I like to be looked at. She said I am so happy that you are comfortable with others seeing me. She said honestly I like men looking at my body and its ok if they want my legs spread to see my p**** but you are the only one I want between my legs. She said you can show me off anytime you want and I will get naked for you and your friends anytime but I only want s** with you. We had many parties where she was the naked hostess and she liked the attention and I liked showing her off. S** was always great after a party. We had one party where I invited guys to bring their cameras and take pictures of her. They posed her and took pictures for about 2 hours. She seemed to like the guys wanting spread pictures the best. The only catch was that we got copies of all pictures taken. She loved being shown off.

20 days

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  • I would love to see her. Please email me

  • I have to force my wife to do this. I wish my wife was like yours

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