This is a very embarrassing and weird true story that happened on my 31st b-day. So I was hella down because no one remembered my Day no bday calls cards gifts or s*** so I sat home drowning my sadness and anger with my wine and pot when my 14 year old niece Samantha called and said she wanted to come over and kick it for my birthday I was happy at least my favorite niece remembered me ok let's get this part straight I don't condone all minors drinking or doing drugs but Sammy is her own person a wild child that my sister can't control she seriously mature for her age and she's been drinking and doing drugs since she was 11 and yes her mom condones it so yes I drank and smoked 420 with her often. Sammy came out as lez around 11 or 12 which was obvious because she dressed like a boy and talked about girls being attractive as long as I can remember and she was overly touchy feely trying to cop a feel with other female family members as well so we were used to it but anywayz so she got to my apartment and said she had a big surprise and bday present for me and to my surprise and nervousness it was a party drug called ecstacy now I'm a wine drinker and pot head but anything else was scary to me at the time so I was like h*** naw I'm good off all that hardcore stuff like I was scared I didn't wanna die or overdose but after a lot of pressure and convincing from Sam plus the weed and wine my guard was down and I was feeling kinky and adventurous Sammy pressed a little orange pill in my hand and all I remember after I swallowed it was dancing and feeling like beyond good feeling amazing to just be alive in my own skin! I was tingling and I was getting hot and h**** very carefree I just wanted to touch everyone and desperately be touched I felt like I was walking on a cloud feeling so sexual and alive this is when things start to get a little fuzzy I remember listening to music somehow we started slow dancing and complementing each other and seriously looking into each other's eyes while running our hands through each other's hair and like seriously vibing about whatever we were talking about pieces are choppy and missing but I do remember she kissed me i don't know if I kissed back think I kissed her back and eventually we started intensely kissing at one point rubbing on each other's backs and butts and sticking our hands in each other's undies then all then sudden I snapped back into reality I was like whoa wtf I remember being hella ashamed and embarrassed saying no no it's wrong her mom would kick my ass that we need to stop I felt like I was sobering up a lil so we sat down to smoke some more weed. She put on the TV a show I now know is a lesbian show called the L word I think I remember asking her what kind of show because it was just women sitting and eventually having s** she was like it's a really good show I luv it just give it a chance auntie please so we watched it and she kept asking me if she could give me a foot massage for my bday I reluctantly said yes because the ecstasy had me dying to be touched her hands on my feet was electric I was so relaxed and feeling yummy but eventually she started moving her hands higher and higher her finger nails on the inside of my neglected and sensitive thighs made me loose myself she said I needed take off my jeans so she could do a better job I still feel conflicted saying this now but i was wet enjoying her hands all over my feet and thighs I had a huge frog in my throat and my panties were definitely drenched my nipples aching hard at this point well I guess I passed out because when I came to to my legs were wrapped around her neck & shoulders and she was eating me out like a savage I do remember feeling a million emotions shame shock anger desire I had a quick thought of pushing her off of me but I couldn't I was cuming and I was dying for this I guess the weed alcohol and ecstacy took over because I started pulling her hair and really grinding on her face I was even talking nasty to her I don't know how long it lasted I must of blacked out again when I sobered up and opened my eyes we were naked cuddling in my bed and french kissing I was starting to feel hella ashamed and disgusted I got dressed quietly and quickly left my apartment I stayed away until I knew she had left later she texted me she had been planning this forever and she was in love with me well now our relationship is extremely weird and complicated through the years we still have sexual encounters and my sister even knows and is more than ok with our relationship but it's definitely not been typical auntie niece relationship with Sam and I always try to end it but I'm addicted to the s** and excitement of the whole taboo relationship I even let her move in and share my bed

18 days

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  • That is your neice.
    I'm not trying to shun you.
    But please stop it. This is trauma waiting to happen.

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