what do you guys think?

I got this post off of another confession site and I want to know what people on this site think of this woman's position. On that other site, this poster was bashed heavily. But I can see alot of sense in what she is saying. It's not the most politially correct position, but it is the position of a good mother, in my opinion:
in my community, there is a 13-year-old girl who, last month, was kidnapped and gang-raped by 4 men. she survived the attack but the police have not been able to track the men down. but this girl has been somewhat shunned by the community. we don't want her playing with our children because we don't want her telling our children about her rape and we don't want her acting out toward our children because of her post-traumatic stress disorder or whatever other behavioral problems she may have as a result of her rape. we don't mean to abandon this girl but we have to do whats best for our children and whats best for our children is not being around a rape victim. her parents and police have asked us to help them with the investigation by telling them if we saw any strange men in the neighborhood around the time the girl was abducted, but none of us wants to get involved for fear that, whoever these men are, they might retaliate against whoever cooperates with the police. we do feel bad for her but there is really nothing any of us can do for her. all we can do is protect our own children and that we will do without any guilty feelings, whatsoever. all i can say about this girl is that she should have been more aware of her surroundings and who was walking near her (she was abducted while walking home from school). i don't mean to sound cold or anything but i believe that the only place for rape victims is around other rape victims because they can all understand each others strange post-rape behavior. this little girl needs to find some new friends.

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  • Like any of the other 13 year old girls in the neighborhood have not had a sexual experience yet...Her parents should just move to another neighborhood.

  • You are sick. You really are. I really hope people wouldnt have that little compassion if it happened to you are someone you knew. Twisted community, blame the victim why dont you.

  • that's total bullshit. you should never shun a child, especially for something that they couldn't help and was so traumatic for them. what comes around goes around and just wait till something happens to your children someday.. what if you were in her family's position? would you appreciate being shunned by the community, having to see your daughter go through something like this, recieving no help to find your daughter's attackers to bring some justice to what happened?? your day will come as will the rest of your messed up community.

  • My mother and older sister were both raped. At a young age they sat me down and told me. Not to scare me but to make me aware. because of that i am extra cautious. Where as most of my friends think it could never happen to them, but I know how real it is. Ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away it just makes your children unaware of the real world, and vulnerable.

  • To blame a 13 year old for the rape is astounding and patently so ignorant you should be lobotomized!

    What a bunch of evil POS you all are.
    Remember, What goes around, comes around! You all will have a turn, you just do not know when.
    Nothing but a bunch of COWARDS!!!

  • I hope you'll have the community's full support in shunning your daughter when she's raped and that she will take full responsibility for her attack as well. 1 in 3 b****. 1 in 3.

  • well, when it happens to your daughter, maybe then they can play together. Think of it this way- if you had to face God and look Him in the eye when He asks WHY you didn't have compassion for this child- HIS child, one of HIS creations- what's your answer going to be? Because it wasn't convenient? Because you didn't want to? Because it wasn't your job? Because you didn't have faith that God could step in and help those who help each other in a time of need? YOU'RE A WHOLE COMMUNITY- TAKE A STANCE AGAINST THESE THUGS AND SEND THEM PACKING. THey only do what they do because you LET them intimidate you.

    Thanks for teaching your children how to turn their backs on those in need. EVERYONE will be in need at one time or another. BUt you'll find that out eventually. You know why? Cuz you get back what you put out, that's why. Just remember the old saying when YOU or YOUR KID is the one in the tough spot: KARMA'S A B****.

    Life is tough- but you don't take the easy way out. This is your test- a test of your strength, morals and faith. You apparently have NONE in ANY category. YOU FAIL. EPICALLY. Yet you'll still expect your blessings won't you? You'll bemoan why your life is so difficult. It's difficult because you're an ass and you suck. THe fact that you even have to ask and make excuses for not doing the right thing shows what a pile of s*** you really are.

    Nobody wants to do the right thing, but everybody expects the right things to happen to them. F*** ALL of you in your s***** poontang village of wherever the f*** you live. Bunch of f****** p******. TAKE ACTION. THere's strength in NUMBERS.

  • I agree with this woman. Much sympathy for the rape victim but, at the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you child. Rape victims can be erratic in their behavior and it may not be the wisest situation to expose a child to.

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