the law should be changed

We really need to redefine what rape is. The way it's defined now, you're guilty of rape if you even look at a girl cross-eyed. I mean, by the definition of rape that exists now, I would be guilty of rape. AND I AM NOT A RAPIST!!! If anything, I have done what me and my team-mates (we are football players) call "romantic rape". It's kind of rape, but more of the romantic kind, you know? It's the kind that both the girl and the guy enjoy it. Like when you're drinking with a girl in her dorm room and you can tell she wants you so you make a move on her and she says something like, "no, I don't want to", but you keep going, anyway, and you end up s******* her but you can tell by the way she is moaning that she is really enjoying it. That's romantic rape. Both the girl and the guy enjoy it. Me and my team-mates have done that with girls, like, countless times. And, man, it is some of the best s** we have ever had. It's great! Just last week, I was making out with one of our cheerleaders and she said she didn't want to have s** and I romantic raped her and she LOVED IT!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! So rape has got to be re-defined so that girls and guys can enjoy romantic rape whenever they want to

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  • as a girl i actually agree

  • I agree.

  • i think you are crazy.

  • you go dude!

  • The first no means no.

  • You are such a f***** up freak, but you already know that, If you didnt you wouldn't be posting this s***.

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