Imprinted for life

As a 13 year old girl I was in the room when my parents had s**. It happened when we went on vacation to Disney and we shared a room. It was heart pounding. My father was the big male, totally dominating my mother. It was obvious she was their for the ride. He stripped her against her desire, she kept telling him I was in the other bed. But he wanted t***. He got her controlled under him and she kept repeating over and over 'the girl, the girl'. Nothing stopped him, she couldn't push him off. After he got off she turned on her side towards me and we locked eyes. She whispered 'I love you' and 'sorry'.

I never did well with passive males. My engine got kick started by older, strong dominant males. I married 'my father'. I'm not good unless he gets me hot, and I sleep better after a good hard mounting. I often lay under my husband replaying that night at Disney, it's recorded in my mind and I can replay it in slow motion.

15 days

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