Shower Mom

I’m just a normal teen I guess; I peek at my Mom in the shower. It’s just been the 2 of us forever. She knows I’m there and this time she asked for a towel. As I gave it to her she said just go ahead and jump in the back I’m almost done. I kind of froze and then just got naked and got it in. She said can you do we one favor and rub my shoulders; there kind of tight. I gladly did as she feels fantastic and I couldn’t hold it. I shot all over her back. She said ooh , that felt good. I didn’t say anything. This was just yesterday. I’m attracted to her

18 days

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  • I am a guy,16 and my sister is 14.She is still in puberty that is causing her to wet the bed at night.Before bedtime,her and mom go into her room,she takes off her clothes and lays on her bed.Mom then pins a thick cloth diaper on her,then puts plastic pants on her over the diaper.Our bathroom borders on a wall to her room and a while back,i drilled a hole thru the wall where a picture was hanging and can see her room thru the hole.When sis and mom go into sis's room before bedtime,i go into the bathroom,close and lock the door,remove the picture frame and peer thru the hole! I watch as mom slides the diaper under her,applies the babypowder,then pins the diaper on her.She then raises up her legs and mom pulls the plastic pants up her legs and over her diaper! I get very aroused watching her and usually wind up j**********! Back on June 5th she did her 8th grade confirmation and that sunday morning,she took a bath,then went into her room where mom was waiting.I peered thru the hole and watched as mom pinned a diaper on her,then put the plastic pants on over it,followed by her camisole.Mom then put the required white,sleveless,poufy dress on her,then the veil.lace socks and white shoes.I was extremely aroused and sat on the toilet and jacked off a couple of times!

  • When i did my 8th grade confirmation at 14,all of us girls had to wear a white,poofy,short sleeve ,knee length,flowergirl style dress with a flower crown,white tights and white shoes.We had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants also under our tights with a tee shirt as our top.Mom sewed a package of ten cloth baby diapers together in the 24x26 inch size to make my diaper and it was pinned on with diaper pins.She used baby lotion and babypowder on me when she pinned the diaper on me.She got the white,adult size plastic pants from the recommended website and put them on me over my diaper with the high waist tights.I did feel more pure with the diaper and plastic pants on as did the other girls.

  • Have you entered (and c**) in your sister's v***** YET?

  • I used to watch my mom have s** all the time. When I was roughly 10 years old my dad split. Mom fell apart and became a major alcoholic. We lived in a tiny one bedroom dump with no privacy. She would come home from the bar with a different guy (or guys) several times a week. If I was lucky they would go into the bedroom and shut the door. That didn't happen too often. Most of the time they would f*** her openly and didn't care if I was in the room watching television.

  • My Mom bathed me from the time Dad left us until I was in my 20's and married. I usually got an erection and by the time I was a teenager she was using the washcloth to wash my genitals and I would climax.
    She always told me it was perfectly normal, just a biological reaction and meant nothing, but when we moved, we had a shower so she would just undress and climb in to help me scrub.
    For my 18th birthday she gave me a hand job with her bare hands, telling me I was a man now. She was leaned over with her bare b****** swinging, then she leaned down and kissed my p****. The next time she did the same and then she began licking and sucking on it, a couple of months later she asked me if I would put it inside of her so I did.
    That was 20 years ago, now about once a month I go visit her and spend the night and we still do it each time.
    My wife does not know and has no clue.
    Mom is 68 now, I am almost 50.

  • My mum knew for years that from the age 12 I had spied on her undressing and used to steal her dirty under wear to w*** with.
    Mum finally let me f*** her on my sixteenth birthday , mum was 49.
    I will never forget how good my mum smelled up close and personal, her fragrant scent did it for me every time. Mum had lovely t*** and that gorgeous hairy f****.... I`m hard now thinking about that day that mum actuually stood in front of me and undressed slowly until she was naked.
    Mum then handed me her her warm knickers and told me to go on and sniff them before asking if I would like to f*** her.
    Mum was my first and most memorable f*** and we continued to f*** for about twenty years. I cam smell her now and remember her lovely hairy f****. I think you understand.

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