Im a lesbian (yes yes i love girls)

Im a lesbian (yes yes i love girls) and i recently went through my girlfriends phone and saw that she text messaged her ex girlfriend "love u 2". i also went on her webpage and saw that she hit up another one of her ex girlfriends saying "you know i still love u". Ive been trying to act like it didnt happen.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • She lied to you and you caught her now it is up to you to figure out hiw you will deal with all of this.
    It will cause a possible problem in your relationship.
    It will always be in the back of your mind that she didn't tell you the truth and a relationship is built on trust in each other.
    Good luck with this one!!

  • When you are lokking for something, chances are you will find it!

  • invite them all over and have one of biggest f*** fest ever

  • dump her and find a girl who does say i love ONLY u!

  • Dump her she must not be your type if shes still telling her ex girlfriends that sheloves them you need to find you a man or a different chick

  • dump that b****

  • What you need to do is get you a man, but a good one they out there trust me i got one. He show you what its about, or just puss that hoe to tha side

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