Concert Night

Long story short, I went to a concert and ended up having s** with this middle aged woman outside the venue. Fast forward a couple months. I meet this girl who is great and we started dating. She and I have so much in common. We get along great doing things together. We love the same things and the s** is awesome. If things continue to go great, I honestly think this girl could be the one. After several months of dating, she finally invites me to meet her mom and dad who live in the suburbs. Turns out her mother is the woman from the concert who I f*****. The look on her mother's face and my expression when we saw each other must have given it away. My girlfriend asked if we knew each other, but I quickly said "Don't I know you from the grocery store?" She responded just as quick with "Yes, you helped me get dog food onetime at Whole food". Later that night I was helping my girlfriends mother clean up the kitchen while she went to look at something with her dad. Her mother told me she was drunk that night and made a mistake having s** with me. She told me to never ever speak of what happened. I assured her that our secret was safe with me. One thing is for sure, if the old saying is true about look at your girlfriends mother to see how she will look later on in life. I will be just fine with how my girlfriend ages.

Jan 27, 2019

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  • See I actually believe you and this post! Do you know why? Because when your gf went off with her dad,and you two were alone, she didn't jump you like a banshee having crazy hard s** blah blah blah,like all the other fantasists say on here lol!

    You're a lucky guy!!!

  • I thought that was the whole idea of a confession post was to confess a secret?
    I know what you mean though. I have been reading some of the confessions on here, and it's more like a fantasy post for most people.

  • To be honest i am jealous😏

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