Is it end?

World war 3 has already started by Russia, and if we see what's going inside China, people's banks account have been sealed because it's going through a financial crisis too and I am thinking/ my opinion is that China is going to use this budget for its army, it's just a prediction.
From last month and even Past few days I am also keeping an eye on China military movements, huge movements has been saw in Chinese navy and It's missile system, not only towards Taiwan but also towards Japan, India and even against America too..
Is World War 3 is going to happen soon, Is it going to be a nuclear war? Will it be the end for all of us? We don't know. I just wish Everyone just could unite once and stop all this. I am just a bit worried for our future and the crisis we all will face after war.

Aug 13

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  • It's not the end....let him go....if he can get swayed so easily good riddance....right now focus on your life and a new friend will come into your life and you can have fun too.

  • We need great leaders like Don Lapre of "Making Money" infomercials fame. Just kidding, obviously. You need to get off the meds and listening to CNN/MSNBC and people that are scaring the entire Gen-Z and Millenial generation with tales of impending doom. The country is, in fact, rotting from within due to Marxist infestation. The world, however, is not burning up from "climate change" (what a scam!). Despite our woke leadership in the US Military, we're years ahead of the inept and outgunned Russians so rest a little easier.

  • Yes China's hold over the United States is the biggest threat. We have borrowed massive amounts of money from China. We have allowed China to but our farmland, public utilities and mining rights to virtually all of the metals needed for "green energy". They have a corner on the market for manufacture of batteries needed for electric vehicles. And yet liberals are screaming and pushing legislation to force people to buy electric cars. Heck that idiot waitress Cortez out of NY is demanding our military switch to electric. Our military would be dependent on China for supply of military equipment.
    In a few years China will have the ability to SHUT DOWN the United States without firing a single missile or round of ammunition.

  • Tony Robbins embodies the spirit of America. A charlatan selling snake oil to dupes.

  • Tony Robbins knows three things: (1) Mind control (2) Marketing (3) Keep talking. It's a game to sell tickets and make money off ads on Youtube. IT'S A GAME. Americans will listen to charm and eloquence. And for that, they'll pay good money.

  • Miss Cleo and Don Lapre were excellent scamsters as well!

  • OMG the world is coming to an end I better tell Joe Doherty who works on harkins coal lorry moville donegal I love him and then drop my knickers and let him mount me and fill me with his seed

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