Kids at school think that fighting, insulting each other, ** about people behind their back or squaring up to one another make them look big or strong and I'll admit I used to think that way as well but now I am trying to change and just ignore them. It gets hard when your friends try to egg you on to fight people or respond to things. Now that I am starting yr 9 soon I am going to try to avoid drama and focus on myself, my studies and my friends. Although, I can't lie, people drama is REALLY interesting. So I will listen to it just to know what is going on but I'm not going to comment on it or get involved. Main reason why I don't have snapchat. I'm going to try to not care about anyone's grades but my own. I'm not going to share mine with anyone, nor am I going ask anyone what they got. Just going to make sure that I do well. I also want to try do more extracurricular so I can become better at things.

Next Confession

Idk what should I do rightnow.

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