Idk what should I do rightnow.

I am really very sad and depressed rightnow. As I just got cheated by my boyfriend 2 days ago, I really reaaallllyy love him but I didn't expected this from him that he will do this to me, I caught him on bed with a girl, idk who tf that ** was!? , he is not picking my calls nor seeing my texts he blocked me on Instagram and Facebook. Idk what should I do rn. I am just sitting in a corner of my room, crying and sobbing. Idk why he did that to me, idk where is he and what is he doing? I just don't know!! I am crying right now soo bad, why did he did that? 😭😭. Where I went wrong? I didn't even stopped him from having ** with me, I loved him soo much, whenever he needed me I always helped him in everyway I can. Please comeback!!! I am really missing you 😭😭!!

Aug 13

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  • Consumerism is killing the world. Pepsi. Facebook. Toyota. All unhealthy and/or pollution. The whole system is going to CRASH!

  • Content is a bubble. Making content is EXPENSIVE.

  • Are people blind? Everything is crashing before their eyes. Youtube is a bubble. Come 2026, there won't be Youtube, or it'll be an insignificant operation. Youtube is the one-world storage of video.

  • What do banks run on? DEBT. Debt rules the world. But debt has to be paid back, or debt is a bubble. Or a cancer in the "body" of humanity.


  • What do the Illuminati think they're doing? They're junking the gargantuan system they've set up to enslave the world. What do they think that will lead to?

  • Paul Joseph Watson is a gay man with no taste for women.

  • The altright is a gay man's game. If you're gay, you can be altright. I've never seen a straight man in the altright game.

  • Everyone in the altright is in it for the money. I'll be damned if Nick Fuentes has no black friends. And Nick's patron is a Jew. Only cost goes into his entreprise because no one's going to advertise on that.

  • In the woke ideology, gay > black. So that's why Nick can go on antiblack rants. Nick has never made an antisemitic remark without Jewish permission.



  • There are plenty of other men. You are a beautiful woman and a beautiful woman like you can have any man she wants.

    Shoot a woman like you should have a boyfriend and all the ** she can handle on the side. Your boyfriend should worship you and be faithful to you. You don’t need that looser

  • How do u know she is beautiful

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