I have Gynecomastia

For many years I've had man **, moobs or gynecomastia as it were. I'm not fat, so it's not for that reason. It's all due to my whacky hormones levels. My mom has always been the 'except yourself the way you are' type of mom.

My skin was being rubbed up against, and I saw it was red and starting to hurt recently. I gave in and mom had me fitted for a bra. I was embarrassed at first, and thought my sister might laugh at me, but she came to watch us and give me some tips. I got several shades of blue and red bras with a cup of 32B. They look cute, I guess. One of them was a got a full-cup bra type.

Man, even you own body can be embarrassing sometimes. My body feels like an anamorphous blob. I hate my chest being this high up and this far out.

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  • Let them grow more, massage your ** with body lotions, use a breast pump to boost them up to 34C. Many men will love them to ** on ... if gay, better!

  • I'm not gay! I won't do any of that.

  • You so did not by girly bras with your mom and sister!

  • Yes I did. It was embarrassing, but it turned out okay. My sister laughed at me at first, but she thought my bras looked cute.

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