what can i do

my sister has problems. she has s** with random guys and does so much drugs and my mom knows it. she still treats her better than me. she actually stole the car once and my mom took her out shopping the next day.
i know my sister is in trouble but my mom has completely ignored me for 4 years now. i can't take it anymore help

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Just have to handle it yourself. My hot older sister had a stretch of very bad, wild, drunken w****-type behavior, with a different guy dropping her off every night. She'd lose her keys, and tap on my window to let her in. I'd open the door, and she'd be all sorts of messed-up. Definitely drunk or high, usually half-dressed, and always looking like she'd been fkd about five times.

    While I had my fun with her, I also knew she couldn't keep doing this. Fell asleep one night and missed her tapping on my window, and she ended up sleeping outside, in the grass, beneath the window. Good thing I found her first and cleaned her up in the morning. That's when I told her, I get that you're having fun and all, but..You passed out in the grass last night. I can't do this anymore.

    Think what really got her was the night some random guy at a bar locked her in the men's room with him. She told me about it later that night, said was closest she ever came to being gang raped. We made a deal that I'd still let her in if she forgot her keys, but, anything else, like cleaning her up, was done.

  • I was ignored growing up and now as an adult I suffer major issues. I know how bad it feels. At this point id start getting independant. I still to this day crave my moms attention and try and please her just for a little love. Its torture

  • Get out on your own and prove your worth to them just be being the amazing person that you are.

  • They have already pushed you out of the nest. Take a hint?

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