2.5 + black = 4.0?

Minority scholarships are BULLSHIT. You have absolutely no right to be HANDED the same scholarship I EARNED just because you're black and an idiot. I didn't work my ass off for four years in five AP classes just so I could be swept into the same group as YOU, of all people.

Thankfully, I'll get to see you flunk out.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Haters! Haha

  • Did you hear the news story where a lady wanted to donate something like 300,000 to a university with the condition it wasn't used for native assistance. The university declined of course. But it clearly demonstrated the double standard. I believe it was the University of Regina. Regina has a large first nations population. There is 6 or 7 times the amount of regular grants and scholarships reserved for native student applicants.

  • to the guy that wrote about obama- were u a slave plowing those feilds way back when? no i don't think so so we don't owe u S*** and if you didn't know, obama is only HALF black, he's also half white so he's going to take care of everyone, our time is not over, most blakc people think that the whole world owes them something and when they f*** up it's because the crackers didn't treat their ancesters well and we owe them. well F*** that! like i said, we don't owe YOU s***

  • ^lol troll

  • I know what you're talking about...Affirmative Action isn't supposed to be like that, but unfortunately that's what it's become. Don't worry, undeserving people, no matter their race (I'm including the rich white kids who got into my school, since Daddy went there and donates money), will flunk out.

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